Handcrafted polymer clay jewellery made for every occasion

Handcrafted polymer clay jewellery made for every occasion

The Matchy Matchy Collection is a passion project of Liezl Craig-Swart. She relates how the brand came about.               

‘Matchy Matchy’ is a saying my sister and I concocted to describe our habit of compulsively pairing the outfit we are wearing with the same colour accessory. Everything has to match: gold earrings with a golden bracelet; not rose gold. A pink scarf with the darker shade of pink sweater. If you do not have a jacket to go with the dress you are wearing, you would rather go cold than throw a mismatch over your shoulders.

My mother and the 80’s are to blame for our fixation. You know, the years when women used to dye their handbags and shoes to match their shoulder-padded dresses. My mom’s obsession started with matching home-sewn dresses for herself and my older sister and evolved into turning my sister and I into twins despite the four-year age gap. From there it escalated to colour-coding jewellery to each home-made outfit.

And that, my friends, is how our mom became one of the pioneers for polymer clay jewellery. No, it was not the boho hippy chicks that came up with the idea. Polymer clay has been around for ages, and my mom used it to create clip-on earrings with matching bulky beaded necklaces in 1985.

The Matchy Matchy Collection aims to carry that legacy forward. We started this passion project in July 2019 and since then started a sister branch in Malta when my sister moved there in November.

Polymer clay is pigmented and sculpted into a design which is then baked to cure them. The material is extremely lightweight and can withstand being dropped. Saying that they should still be handled with care. I create one-of-kind handcrafted earrings from this material and only repeat a design on request. Since it is handmade, no design will ever look like another. I create small ranges in a colour scheme or pattern, and each pair is usually in a different design. Taking into consideration that this brand was born out of a love of perfectly coordinated outfits, I love creating custom designs on request. So, if you have a special outfit and can’t find the perfect accessory, you know who to contact.

Website: https://thematchymatchycollection.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thematchymatchycollection/

Enter the world of magnificent simplicity… Where classical meets modernity!

Enter the world of magnificent simplicity… Where classical meets modernity!

Noxolo Mseleku is a young black female jewellery designer known for her unique customised creations. The love she has for jewellery and its history is immaculate and this is why she has created Elegânté, a brand that expresses this nature.

Living in Europe for two years awoke a passion, love, and eagerness to express stories through jewellery pieces, each and every piece she designs and manufactures tells a story.

Noxolo Mseleku

“To me jewellery is like a dream that travels within the portals of radiant insurgency, where imagination is limitless and possibilities are infinite,” says Noxolo.


  • Design and manufacture branded jewellery and non-branded this gives us the opportunity to manufacture for other jewellery businesses
  • Design and manufacture customised jewellery
  • Repairing jewellery
  • Gold plating
  • Corporate gifts


Genuine Leather Bags Designed and Handmade in South Africa

Genuine Leather Bags Designed and Handmade in South Africa

NT Leather was established by two architects Nikhil and Nindya Tricam who have a passion for elegant minimal design, combined with the robust character and strength of handmade leather goods.

They combine an essentials-only design philosophy with an ethos of high-quality craftsmanship, resolved down to the last stitch. All NT Leather products are hand-cut and hand-stitched in their small studio in Durban, South Africa.

NT Leather arose from a love of design and making and grew when they started getting orders from friends who saw the items, they had made for themselves. When their assistants came on board, they realised what a difference this business was making in their lives and decided to formalise it and develop a range of products. 

“We support, and practice, the use of 100% South African material and production. To create better lives for ourselves, in isolation, only leads to further disparity and contributes to the many problems our country faces. So, to empower the community around us, even on a small scale, allows a better standard of living for everyone, and we just come along for the ride. By keeping everything local, we also ensure that there is a legacy of craft that is passed down in our own local communities, which may outlast us by generations, and open up doors for countless people,” says Nikhil.

Based on these principles, NT Leathers continues to grow and learn, seeking new opportunities and creating awesome new products.


Jewellery designs inspired by the beauty of nature

Jewellery designs inspired by the beauty of nature

Jacqueline Reis, founder of Inspiritus Designs showcases her love for different cultures through her jewellery pieces. Born in Jozi and blessed with a strong Mozambican father and a beautiful South African Mother (who was born in Zambia).  She grew up in Transkei and has been in love with the richness of the African continent and its diverse cultures since she was a young girl. 

“I love the textures and colours of African prints, each of which tells a story. They are vibrant and unapologetic, proud, and stylish!  I have always been hands-on, more of a tomboy than a girlie girl and so, my love for working with mixed materials began. Creating something out of what was once discarded, handcrafted, wearable art, inspired by natural forms and beauty of the outdoors.  I up-cycled leather, suede, and imperfect gemstones, to create unique accessories that can be loved for years to come,” says Jacqueline

chosen due to their imperfections as we believe this is what makes them special.  Our hardware is sterling silver, stainless steel, rose gold plated or copper.  As our products are handmade, no two pieces will be exactly the same and this is especially true for our custom pieces.  We love collaborating with our customers as we know that the right accessory can change your mood just as much as it can change your outfit, and it becomes as unique as the individual who wears it!” she says.



Be exclusive, Be divine, Be yourself With Havilla – Shoes and Bags!

Be exclusive, Be divine, Be yourself With Havilla – Shoes and Bags!

Havilla is an online store which brings exclusive, imported and comfortable women’s genuine leather shoes and bags. Havilla is proudly owned and managed by women for women.

Havilla also retails through regular pop-up stores in South Africa, Botswana and Lesotho. By design, quality and affordable pricing, Havilla offers classy exceptional value for the upwardly mobile modern woman in a way that is unmatched. At Havilla they believe that every day is a fashion show and that the world is a runway!

Their exclusive range of genuine leather women’s shoes includes the following categories:

•           Heels

•           Stylish work shoes.

•           Boots

•           Flats

•           Sandals

•           Stylish sneakers

Havilla plans to introduce an equally carefully selected and classy range of men’s shoes in the near future.

Pictures of the shoes and bags are in high resolution for customers to have an enjoyable shopping experience. Customers are free to make special requests. Payment for Havilla shoes and bags is easy and hassle-free to ensure peace of mind shopping.

Havilla provides an efficient delivery system that ensures that all goods bought are delivered in the shortest possible time for customers wherever they wish. The total satisfaction of customers is at the top of their priorities. Havilla allows you to be exclusive, divine and be yourself.

Havilla will soon be launching a world-class website to further enhance your  shopping experience!

Visit their social media pages for more on their offerings

Twitter: @havilla_sa

Instagram: @havilla_sa

Facebook: Havilla SA

Email:ndileka@havillasa.co.za  Contact +27 (72) 114-5607

“Give the girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world” – Julz

“Give the girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world” – Julz

Julz is an exciting leather shoe and handbag range which launched in 2014 by Julie Oates. The brand focuses on bringing comfortable quality leather shoes and handbags straight from the catwalk and the latest global trends at affordable prices. Julz is based in the friendly city of Port Elizabeth in South Africa and has over 200 distributors in the country.

The Julz brand’s success stems from the fact that they pay attention to detail and source high-quality materials and invest in research and development to ensure that their shoes are stylish and comfortable.

Julz has been successful in South Africa and they strive to mimic the success and look for Julz wholesale distributions in the UK and Europe markets. Once they have achieved that, plan to start looking at other countries.