Be exclusive, Be divine, Be yourself With Havilla – Shoes and Bags!

Be exclusive, Be divine, Be yourself With Havilla – Shoes and Bags!

Havilla is an online store which brings exclusive, imported and comfortable women’s genuine leather shoes and bags. Havilla is proudly owned and managed by women for women.

Havilla also retails through regular pop-up stores in South Africa, Botswana and Lesotho. By design, quality and affordable pricing, Havilla offers classy exceptional value for the upwardly mobile modern woman in a way that is unmatched. At Havilla they believe that every day is a fashion show and that the world is a runway!

Their exclusive range of genuine leather women’s shoes includes the following categories:

•           Heels

•           Stylish work shoes.

•           Boots

•           Flats

•           Sandals

•           Stylish sneakers

Havilla plans to introduce an equally carefully selected and classy range of men’s shoes in the near future.

Pictures of the shoes and bags are in high resolution for customers to have an enjoyable shopping experience. Customers are free to make special requests. Payment for Havilla shoes and bags is easy and hassle-free to ensure peace of mind shopping.

Havilla provides an efficient delivery system that ensures that all goods bought are delivered in the shortest possible time for customers wherever they wish. The total satisfaction of customers is at the top of their priorities. Havilla allows you to be exclusive, divine and be yourself.

Havilla will soon be launching a world-class website to further enhance your  shopping experience!

Visit their social media pages for more on their offerings

Twitter: @havilla_sa

Instagram: @havilla_sa

Facebook: Havilla SA  Contact +27 (72) 114-5607

“Give the girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world” – Julz

“Give the girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world” – Julz

Julz is an exciting leather shoe and handbag range which launched in 2014 by Julie Oates. The brand focuses on bringing comfortable quality leather shoes and handbags straight from the catwalk and the latest global trends at affordable prices. Julz is based in the friendly city of Port Elizabeth in South Africa and has over 200 distributors in the country.

The Julz brand’s success stems from the fact that they pay attention to detail and source high-quality materials and invest in research and development to ensure that their shoes are stylish and comfortable.

Julz has been successful in South Africa and they strive to mimic the success and look for Julz wholesale distributions in the UK and Europe markets. Once they have achieved that, plan to start looking at other countries.

Bespoke women’s jewellery for every occasion

Bespoke women’s jewellery for every occasion

ALIZIA COLLECTION – is a delicate and unique women’s jewellery collection. Each design piece was inspired by the founder’s travel experience around the world. Alizia is made up of 925 sterling silver and is both durable and stylish for any occasion.


The bespoke Phantasya collection is an exquisite and elegant range of Swarovski jewellery. All pieces are made of the highest quality materials and are rhodium plated. The Swarovski crystals are set in a unique way to guarantee the durability for which the Phantasya brand is known and loved for.

Clé Handcrafted Earrings – Bespoke Collection for all occasions…

Clé Handcrafted Earrings – Bespoke Collection for all occasions…

This brand originated from the designer’s desire to simply be creative again, after years in a clinical field. The earrings are made out of polymer clay, a lightweight clay that won’t weigh down heavily on the ear. The designs are inspired by whatever comes to mind, from images in distant memories to colour combinations that are trendy at the moment.

A bespoke collection is released on a regularly and customers buy on a first come first basis. Each collection starts off as bigger art piece, which is then carefully cut up, and paired with other elements, to make smaller, unique little pieces of art. Even though the pieces are limited in numbers, when the customer buys a piece, they can truly feel like they are one of the only people in the world to own those earrings.

One of the first collections introduced to the public was called the Veldblommetjie collection, inspired by all the wonderful flowers that come up overnight in springtime, not planted there, but just consistently appearing, year after year. Each collection is made in different earring shapes and sizes, so every person should be able to find something that appeals to their taste.

The brand boasts a range of colours that can be worn by young and old alike. The designer has a particular affinity for the colour yellow, which you can see featured in many of the collections. The Peach Blossom Collection is no exception to this, as can be seen in the piece worn by the model in the picture below.

Future plans for the business include:

  • custom orders for special occasions, like weddings and graduations
  • bringing in a few more collections in neutral colours
  • Offering even smaller pieces, like stud packs, for those who don’t like dangling earrings.
  • Collaborating with other local designers

For more information visit their Instagram page @cle_earrings or email:

A collaborative brand between two creative sisters

A collaborative brand between two creative sisters

Lumi & Twist is a collaboration between two sisters Rabia Sayed Doola and Sameera Osmany-Seedat who came together for their love of fashion and created the clothing brand. It is an online clothing boutique which features global modest fashion for women and children. Their collection is inspired by their own individual styles. 

Lumi & Twist was not solely created for their love of design and fashion or to inspire others to be creative and express themselves through their clothing but also to inspire other women to take a chance, get out there and make a name for themselves. A percentage of their sales go towards a charity for the empowerment of young women in Africa. With this, they hope that the Lumi & Twist brand will not only benefit your wardrobe but also change lives for the years to come.


“Luminosity by R” is an online boutique spearheaded by Rabia Sayed Doola. She’s a wife, entrepreneur, somatologist, makeup artist, stylist, creative organiser, interior design enthusiasts, modest fashion and lifestyle blogger.

“I hope to inspire others to express their personality, passion and individuality through a plethora of distinct yet acceptable modest avenues and create a platform that propels women towards greater heights in an age where we are constantly tearing each other down.”

– Rabia

“Turban & Twist” is a brand created by Sameera Osmany-Seedat. She’s a mom, wife, entrepreneur, teacher, interior decorator and modest fashion enthusiast.

“My aim is to promote connectivity, originality, transparency and cooperation in a social space.”

– Sameera

Set the bar… VANTO… Genuine Italian Leather Bags…

Set the bar… VANTO… Genuine Italian Leather Bags…

Vanto is an ode to Italian culture and style. Italy’s trademark of effortless sophistication goes hand in hand with its long tradition of craftsmanship. The “Made in Italy” label is sought after the world over, with Italian craftsmanship totally unmatchable. A part of the world where artisans treat leather like silk. Glamour is simply part of the culture of Italians. Our mission is to bring you sophisticated design from the Cradle of Renaissance.

An intentional paradox, Vanto was born to offer its clients a taste of super cool bags and accessories, at a fraction of the cost. Inspired by all things Italian, Vanto is the antithesis of the current trend of Polyurethane (PU) & Faux Leather bags, championed by fast fashion. The products are produced in small factories throughout Italy in genuine Italian leather.

Following growth in their first year of trade, we have evolved our brand identity to further their mission, as a destination of premium Italian leather bags and accessories. The word “Vanto” in Italian means something that is a “source of pride” and this is the goal for every product sold at our store.