Carry On & Co Bamboo Box Bags – A must-add to your bag collection

Carry On & Co Bamboo Box Bags – A must-add to your bag collection

Carry On & Co is a brand born out of a love for this incredible planet we call home. They pride themselves in creating bespoke and sustainable, bamboo handbags and other accessories for the mindful consumer.                         

Their products, materials and processes are all designed to reduce impact on the environment, while staying timeless and beautiful.


The brand was originally dreamt up in Knysna and now rooted in Cape Town. Their production of the bamboo bags takes place between these two beautiful locations. The sewing of covers and cutting of the bamboo sheets are outsourced in Cape Town. The bamboo pieces get sent to Knysna, where they are assembled and finished by hand.

One of their goals is to have as little waste as possible when it comes to production. They use their bamboo offcuts to make pendants and earrings, which are all hand-painted.


The Bamboo Box Bag is a unique design in all of its features. The bag has an interchangeable design. The cover and strap can be interchanged to create a whole new look for your bag.

They limit their cover designs to using only natural, vegan textiles. If a material is found, upcycled or gifted, they sometimes use synthetic materials.

Carry On & Co bags can be found in exclusive boutiques, online at  and at Featuring Makers Studio in Johannesburg.


They have collaborated with Sud Studio on a Bamboo Box Bag design that was exhibited in Paris at Maison Et Objet in September this year.

They’ve also collaborated with Danielle Frylinck on Bamboo Box Bags and wooden bangles accompanied Danielle Frylinck’s beautiful A/W 2020 collection at South African  Fashion Week in October this year.


Carry On & Co is planning to launch new handbag designs by the end of January 2020.

Uzwelo Bags – stylish bags that help the environment

Uzwelo Bags – stylish bags that help the environment

A proud initiative of Expand a Sign, Uzwelo Bags is a local start-up that creates functional, trendy bags that are the perfect companion for SA’s next generation of change-makers.  By focusing on recycling, conservation, and skills-development, Uzwelo and its partners bring about real change in the community.

Uzwelo offers a range of unique and durable bags that cater for all lifestyles, from fashion to shopping travel, work, the beach, sport, and school. 

“Our ethos has always been one of reformation so it make sense that our company would find a way to turn waste into something wonderful.  What once would have ended up in a landfill is now a stylish, one-of-a-kind fashion item that allows for local skills development and job creation.  We have a team of trained women who now earn a living from producing our bags,” says Kirsty Fonzari, who heads up marketing for Uzwelo and Expand A Sign.

To date, the group has re-directed over 86 000m of waste material that would have previously been sent to a landfill and together with its partners, has ensured that 30 000 underprivileged children now have schoolbags.

Bags with a purpose

Take your pick from Uzwelo’s extensive range.  Some of the options include reusable shopper bags that support the ‘Say no to single-use plastic’ campaign, schoolbags with built-in ponchos, and the new on-trend rPET handbag and laptop sleeve collection using felt made from recycled plastic bottles (also known as rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate).

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each handbag goes towards supporting The Bateleurs, a non-profit organisation of volunteer pilots who fly their aeroplanes behind the scenes in a commitment to conserve and protect our earth’s diverse ecosystems.  Since inception, Uzwelo has raised R175 000 for this worthy cause.

Complete your outfit with the Dress-Smart handbags for Spring

Complete your outfit with the Dress-Smart handbags for Spring

A handbag can be the only street style bait you need, so long as you’re carrying the right style. There are so many ways to welcome the Spring/Summer season: a candy coloured croc, a teardrop-shaped crossbody, or many a modern twist on the lady bag.

Somehow the world’s teeniest, tiniest mini totes have proven to be a big smash in 2019. These days, rather than one overarching silhouette or finish leading the charge for all bags everywhere, you’ll find that each fashion brand has the style that most suits their unique aesthetic.

So, forget the notion that only bags can be stylish when shoulder bags are out or that bucket drawstring totes are the only thing to be seen carrying. There’s a stylish bag out there for everyone.

If you like your investments to be loud, flashy and noticeable, but reasonably priced, it’s likely you’ll be drawn to Dress-Smart’s bag collection. Find some of the best women shoulder bags from Dress-Smart.

About Dress-Smart and the owner

Dress-Smart is an online accessories store owned by Oyama Dangazele. They provide elegant and good quality women and men’s purses, bags, and wallets.

“What inspired me to start Dress-Smart is the fact that I grew up in a small village in the Eastern Cape, where all these glamourous items were only seen on TV. We had limited access to just about anything. I want to make a name for myself. My wish is to create a platform where anyone, anywhere in Africa could have access to my collection. I want to also inspire the younger generation to know that no matter where you are from, you can still follow your dreams,” says Oyama.

Future Goals

“We are all about collaboration, hence we look forward to crafting our own designs, in partnership with local designers soon. We also hope to open physical stores and introduce a new range wardrobe for both males and females. Our products will be locally produced, ensuring that our local suppliers are supported. I see this company as a fast-growing company. After launching in February 2019, we’ve already expanded our business to the Eastern Cape market,” she says.

Elegant clutch bags with a signature look to complete any ensemble!

Elegant clutch bags with a signature look to complete any ensemble!

Hues Collection is a South African brand that was started by two ambitious young ladies who were inspired by Rajasthan’s (India) archaic splendour, colourful landscapes and exquisite craftsmanship. The brand was envisioned to bring a signature trend to South Africa.

Their range of elegant and exclusive clutch bags are handcrafted using authentic techniques, with the finest quality and standards; and have been carefully selected to embrace any personality type. The bold and daring; the minimalist and chic; the fun and playful – Hues Collection caters for diverse South African women, providing overall versatility.

Part of their vision is for all women to showcase their authentic personalities through their versatile designs, hence their slogan, “AUTHENTICALLY HUE”. Hues Collection highly value exclusivity thus, their collection is limited to ONLY one/two unique designs. Every clutch is designed with a removable shoulder chain-link, transitioning the piece from a shoulder bag to a hand-held clutch.

A significant and complementary part of their product is the packaging. Hues Collection wanted opulence, sophistication and most of all, simplicity to shine through and communicate their brands’ qualities in just one look. Each clutch is handcrafted with the finest quality and it was imperative for Hues Collection to create a lasting product for their customers. Therefore, they created a luxurious storage box for each clutch, that would keep the clutch safe from damages when not in use, and perfectly complement any wardrobe or bedroom like a beautiful showpiece
Feel comfortable, look sexy, and prevent inner thigh chafing!

Feel comfortable, look sexy, and prevent inner thigh chafing!

Bandidas thigh bands are the new fashion accessory and a glamorous way to address one of the most common problems that women face – thigh chafing. The stretchy and delicate lace (or soft microfiber) bands with non-slip silicone, provide comfort and take your mind away from annoying chafing problem so you can feel sexy and chic at any time.

Bandidas turn an unpleasant problem into a pretty look, enhance confidence and well-being with one simple accessory and gives women a new way to wear dresses and skirts without experiencing painful thigh chafing. Bandidas pay homage to the organic form of the female leg because sometimes the most beautiful structure needs a little trim on the top! Designed to help women protect their inner thighs from chafing, the thigh bands have become the new must-have fashion accessory for all!

Bandidas believe that everybody should feel amazing in their own skin. For some women, thigh chafing makes it difficult to feel comfortable and confident every day. Whether you’re a busy mother, an active runner or a runway model – if you love your thighs, your thighs will love Bandidas.

How to measure your thighs

To ensure the perfect fit, ensure that you measure your thighs! Measuring is easy and only takes a minute. (Check the video on the Bandidas website  While standing, measure the widest part of your bare thigh using a tape measure. Bandidas strongly recommends that first-time buyers measure their thighs following the instructions, as the correct fit stops the bands from rolling or slipping.

The thigh bands retail for R325 a pair. Bandidas uses a door to door courier service to ship all over South Africa, and offer their loyal customers, FREE shipping for orders over R500!

For enquiries, email

Dynamic Vision offers opportunities for upcoming models

Dynamic Vision offers opportunities for upcoming models

Dynamic Vision is offering a fantastic opportunity for upcoming models.  Last year, they held the Face of Fashion Eyewear Model search competition. It was a huge success with over 500 entries from all over South Africa. Three winners all received fully paid holidays to desired destinations.  The first prize was a week away to a resort in Zanzibar.  The 2 runners up prizes were getaways to luxury game lodges.   Part of the prize included paid photoshoots and each winner received three pairs of designer sunglasses from Jimmy Choo, Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs, Carrera and Guess!

This competition revealed that there is a need to help some of these models as many of the entrants (including the eventual winner) could not afford to have professional photographs taken for their entries. This, unfortunately, was not to their advantage.

Dynamic Vision, in association with Safilo Eyewear, (distributors of brands like Carrera, Polaroid, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs and many more), offered a solution to these participants that needed help.

Dynamic Vision contracted Wasabi Foto to offer free test shoots to these selected models. The duration of a test shoot is approximately an hour per model.  Following the photo shoot, the model receives a minimum of 5 professional eyewear fashion images that she may use in her modeling portfolio as well as her entry in the 2020 Face of Fashion Eyewear Model Search that will be launched later this year.

Dynamic Vision is looking for models between the ages of 21 and 40 years old, the ideal model should look good in glasses and have a great fashion sense. Interested applicants can e-mail or follow their Instagram feed and send a direct message to @dynamicvision_sa  or @wasabifoto