Kwanele Afro Hair Straightening Brush – Makes styling easier!

Kwanele Afro Hair Straightening Brush – Makes styling easier!

KWANELE SA Afro Hair products and equipment are designed to assist you in managing your African natural hair by providing brushes that are gentle and easy to use. The products yield great results, help to minimise breakage and protect the hair strands.

KWANELE SA products are designed to minimises tangling, promote growth, eliminate heat damage and provides hassle free styling.

They pay attention to all enquiries, and this has made a big difference for many of their customers.  They provide the highest level of excellence of service and always ensure that all details are simple, seamless and are handled in a timely manner. Whenever you work with KWANELE, you can trust that you’re in great hands.

Vana Naturals – Organic & Natural Haircare Products

Vana Naturals – Organic & Natural Haircare Products

Vana Naturals is a clean beauty haircare brand that has partnered with nature to design high-performance organic hair care products for natural afro-textured coily, curly hair types.

Founded by Stephanie Kituri, a Kenyan-born clean beauty entrepreneur who needed to find a nourishing natural and organic alternative to care for her daughter’s natural curls. At first, this led to the creation of their signature product, a luxurious, ultra-nourishing, delicious-smelling, triple-whipped shea and mango butter multi-purpose moisturizer, #MustBeThatEverythingButter.

Vana Naturals was established in 2018 with the vision of a commitment to natural, clean living. The Founder’s Kenyan farm-style upbringing nurtured a unique appreciation for the amazing benefits of living a life in partnership with, and, conscious of, one’s natural environment.

Working in close partnership with an organic cosmetic formulator, she envisioned the brand new #VanaMakeMeCollection, a beautifully and consciously designed hair care system that would provide a healthier alternative to nurturing and nourishing natural hair. All this, without compromising on the premium quality and luxury of each product.

After ten months of testing, formulating, re-testing and re-formulating they created products that meet organic certification standards. Vana Naturals’ products are effective in nourishing, hydrating, and restoring the health of natural hair. Each ingredient has been deliberately curated with the purpose of promoting a healthy scalp & the growth of healthy hair while ensuring that all products are 100% safe for the entire family.

Shimmer – Best quality and affordable beauty products

Shimmer – Best quality and affordable beauty products

Shimmer is an online beauty brand that was established in 2019. It is a global destination where beauty is enlightened for beauty-conscious women. They make life simple and they believe that beauty is a part of every woman.

Shimmer offers the best prices and the latest and greatest makeup and skincare products, which are uniquely sourced. They offer free unbiased advice for the customers to decide what is right for them.

Their extensive knowledge and industry expertise allows them to cherry-pick quality products from hundreds of brands. Shimmer make sure to select products that work and are worth buying.

They offer the following services and products:


  • Day Care
  • Night Care
  • Mask
  • Eye Care
  • Toner
  • Makeup Remover
  • Skin Care Sets


  • Lipstick
  • Liquid Lipstick
  • Eyelashes
  • Eyeshadow
  • Blush

Hair & Body Care

  • Wigs
  • Weaves
  • Body Wash
  • Hand & Foot Cream



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DermoProf Skincare – Comprehensive Skin Care Solutions

DermoProf Skincare – Comprehensive Skin Care Solutions

DermoProf Skincare is an innovative South African facial skincare brand formulated by a pharmacist. It is a brand that retails for homecare maintenance of targeted skin challenges. It aims to maintain healthy looking skin and in doing so, alleviates problems that arise in skin.

Each product has been designed carefully and with precision with the goal of achieving desired results for specific targeted skin conditions over time. The ingredients used, are combined in a unique way to deliver results and there are no toxic ingredients. The main ingredients have been tested for efficacy and toxicity at the University of Pretoria. Results were proven to be highly effective with no toxic effects. The products comply with EU standards that regulate cosmetic category skincare.

ACnClear Before & After

DermoProf’s signature approach is that it eliminates the need for toners, exfoliators, masks, and unnecessary products that do not necessarily add value and in fact become a burden especially when compliance is key.  There is no need for separate night creams and day creams. If a product range is wide with many steps in a regimen, the whole system becomes unsustainable both practically and financially. In today’s busy and economically constrained times, consumers want quick and cost-effective regimens that fulfill the complete needs of their skin. Each range offers a long term management system and therefore, there is no limitation as to how long each range can be used. In fact, it is better to use it forever, as the results are accumulative over time and the products have the amazing ability to manage skin so that there are no imbalances.

Sunscreens are advised to be used after applying these products, allowing 5mins before sunscreen application. You will find none of the creams have a built-in SPF, as the SPF profile of ingredients can impede the penetration of important active ingredients found in DermoProf products.

It is important to note that although each targeted skincare range has its specific effects, they do also have additional overlapping effects, for example, the acne range not only eliminates breakouts but also deal with marks that consumers so often feel stressed about. Because hyperpigmentation is mostly found in ages 30+, the products are loaded with all the good ingredients including antioxidants and vitamins that assist ageing skin. The brand has been around since 2015 and not been marketed until the end of 2018. Every detail of the products has been refined since then.

Endorsements and Certification:

The products have been dermatologically tested.

All actives have undergone invitro testing.

The products are certified “Proudly South African”

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Infused with essential oil blends that promote all natural hair goodness!

Infused with essential oil blends that promote all natural hair goodness!

Earthly Q is a haircare range made from naturally derived ingredients. The haircare range is intended for natural hair that is in the 3a to 4c curl pattern spectrum. The product was created by natural hair advocates who were frustrated with the lack of affordable and comprehensive hair care products that are naturally and ethically derived. Earthly Q Hair Care currently offers three products as a unit or single product. These products include the Earthly Q Scalp Rinse, Earthly Q Moisturiser, and the Earthly Q Hair Food.

The Scalp Rinse is apple cider vinegar-based (ACV) and infused with peppermint lemon and lavender essential oils. ACV, peppermint and lemon essential oils have antibacterial effects and cleanse the scalp without stripping the hair strands of its natural oils. The scalp rinse cleanses the scalp and introduces conditioning oils (lavender essential oil and argan oil) during cleansing while helping balance your scalp’s natural slightly acidic pH of between 4.5 and 5.5. The scalp rinse doesn’t foam and is also great for people with dreadlocks!

The Earthly Q Moisturiser is infused with lavender essential oil, tea-tree essential oil, and other conditioning seed and vegetable oils. The Earthly Q Hair Moisturiser softens your strands for ease of handling by improving slippage between strands which also helps reduce the strand breakage. The moisturiser is intended for ease of handling hair and growth retention. It has moisturising and conditioning effects from a blend of seed oils, olive oil, essential oils, water and a cationic surfactant that is used to dispense the oil in the water and introduce slippage between the hair strands.

The Hair Food is made with oils that promote hair growth, growth retention and strengthen the hair strand. The Earthly Q Hair Food is raw beeswax and shea butter based with a blend of seed and vegetable oils, lavender essential oil and argan oil and other essential oils that help improve the health of your hair. The hair food can help condition roots of hair during pre-pooing. It can be used as a pre-pooing oil for your hair, as a hair moisture sealant, or as a conditioning oil for your hair.

For strong healthy hair and volume… Get Volumicious!

For strong healthy hair and volume… Get Volumicious!

Volumicious is a hair product brand that provides a solution to different hair problems experienced by men, women and children. The brand was founded by Zoey Mkabela in 2016 after losing her hair during pregnancy. The products were inspired by her BSC Honours project which she did at the University of Stellenbosch which involved investigating a plant, that was eaten by pregnant sheep, resulting in the new-born lambs being born without fur.  She found that there was an active compound that was responsible for this problem. She won an award for the best poster presentation for her research project.

During her maternity leave, she began to research and investigate active compounds that are responsible, not for hair loss but hair growth. She found a significant amount of them and through a process of trial and error, she restored to use a different number of them and test them out to see their efficacy. Through a friend, she contacted a local cosmetic manufacturing company that mixed those active compounds and gave her the samples. She then tested the samples on her own hair for a period of a year and the results were remarkable.

After she was unsuccessful in a position she had applied for at work, she then decided to launch the hair products in July 2017 on social media and people were interested and since then has been warmly welcomed by users all over the country. The brand has grown since its inception as the products provide good results. She opted to sell the products through distribution, providing an avenue to empower men and women around the country. 

She started selling the products from the boot of her car at shopping malls after hours whilst running a full-time demanding job as a sales representative for a global company. The business grew and the distribution interest grew which resulted in her leaving her corporate job in November 2019 to focus fully on the business so she could serve her distributors and customers with a greater level of excellence.

“We don’t just sell products, but we are committed to educating women, men, and children on proper hair care and we encourage them to start their hair journey,” says Zoey.