Mrs Hairfidence brings the confidence back in your natural hair

Mrs Hairfidence brings the confidence back in your natural hair

In recent years, African women have embraced their natural hair more than they previously did. In the past, many women in the world, especially black women, had foregone their natural locks for chemically relaxed hair. But the natural hair revolution has been happening for some time now, and the movement is evolving every single day.

However, caring for afro hair can be tricky when you’re not sure where to start. But, with the right hair care practices, you can love and enjoy your hair. Through caring for your curls you’ll prevent common afro hair problems like breakage, dandruff, hair loss, and an itchy scalp.

Mrs Hairfidence is a hair care brand owned by Nontsikelelo Mchunu, with products that can help you to manage your afro much easier.

“We feed natural hair with pure, natural products. Our products cancel all issues associated with afro hair, pain, dryness, breakages, dandruff, “steel wool”, receding hairline and the “not growing” stigma around natural hair, “says Nontsikelelo.

“Women are very busy these days, they run businesses, they hold higher positions at work, family, and they are left with less time to nurse their natural hair. Mrs Hairfidence is here to do the overall care so that women can focus on everything else. We do hair evaluation, treatments, styling and braiding at our Afro Theatre, “she says.

They have 7 products because every hair is as unique as the owner. Once your hair is evaluated, they advise on the product that fits the exact needs of your hair. 

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A hair and skincare brand by mother and daughter

A hair and skincare brand by mother and daughter

Mmawe Naturals is a Soweto based hair and skin care brand established by mother and daughter, Maureen and Lebogang Lechuba.

They offer a range of hair, body, and skincare products that are free from harmful chemicals, gentle on the skin and honest to the goodness of nature’s healing properties.

Mmawe was inspired by the spirit of the family matriarch, (now late great-grandmother) and named after her. The deep-rooted bond between mothers and daughters, the power of family tradition and the mother-daughter connection informs the brand’s values.

“We are committed to using only the finest organic ingredients to ensure our customers benefit only the best Mother Nature has to offer. We believe that this lifelong relationship brings wisdom that can be passed from one generation to the next. We created a luxury wellness brand to welcome you to our world of wellness and make you feel part of the family,” says Lebogang.

Mmawe beauty and lifestyle products are made with all-natural ingredients including African Shea Butter and the best essential oils with that will heal you from within and take you on a luxurious journey of self-care.

Get a 15% discount on any of the True Curls products

Get a 15% discount on any of the True Curls products

The True Curls journey started as a “self-help” project between sisters Kedi and Keke. After years of struggling with hair relaxers that always caused some sort of reaction; scabs all over the scalp or a full-on rash across the face, they found themselves with no other option but to create a solution for themselves as well as their daughters.

After spending more than two years researching and experimenting with multiple variations of ingredients, they finally found the right combination that not only repaired the scalp and strengthened the hair, but also found the perfect combination of natural healthy hair oils and butters that leave the hair soft and manageable, particularly in the dry South African climate.

Over the next five years, they went on to develop a gentle and effective haircare range free from harmful chemicals and parabens.

True Curls products include powerful natural ingredients that are effective in addressing issues such as dry brittle hair, coarse unmanageable hair, breakage, variations of alopecia, itchy irritated scalps and a multitude of other issues typically experienced in a client’s journey to thick, healthy and soft natural hair.

Some of the ingredients used in their products include:

  • Shea Butter
  • Avocado Oil and Butter
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Vitamin E Oil
  • Moringa Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Kalahari Melon Seed Oil
  • And Chia Oil, to name a few

True Curls is committed to delivering only the best possible natural solutions for all hair types and all ages through the use of natural, highly effective and sustainable ingredients.

For more information about their products and benefits, please visit their website on or follow them on Instagram (truecurls_hair) or Facebook (@truecurlshair).

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Hair Majesty! The ‘Queen’ of Faux Locs in Boksburg North

Hair Majesty! The ‘Queen’ of Faux Locs in Boksburg North

One of the major hair trends sweeping across Africa and the world are faux locs, which are braided synthetic dreadlocks. Faux locs, which are essentially fake dreadlocks that derive their aesthetic and function from dreadlocks, are not only worn for style purposes, but are also a protective hairstyle that winds natural hair into extensions that mimic dreadlocks, either temporary for about 3 months or permanently as hair is wrapped with yarn, synthetic hair or human hair.

Kgomotso Kgomo (26) is the owner and hairstylist of Hair Majesty Naturals based in Boksburg – East of Johannesburg who specializes in faux locs. As the trend became more and more popular, over the past few years, she has had many clients flocking in and requesting for this hairdo.

Ever wonder where the faux loc trend stems from? The inspiration for faux locs comes from a tradition known as African Threading. In this tradition, black thread is wrapped around sections of the hair from root to end. Though African threading has a fashionable look, it also has some beneficial properties. Threading the hair can help protect the ends and prevent knots, stretch the hair without heat damage, and offer a fun, new protective style.

“Faux locs are my favourites, I remember the first time I saw them from Nicki Minaj from the “Yu Mad” music video, I fell in love with the hairstyle. I had recently cut my hair and I wanted to start growing dreadlocks, but the thought of having a permanent hairstyle wasn’t ideal for me and I wasn’t ready for that commitment. So, I decided to do the faux locs, they are limitless, they would allow me to play around in terms of the styling and colour. They’ve been are a good protective hairstyle for me, since I started growing my natural hair. They are good for hair growth and health,” says Kgomotso.

Faux locs allow your hair to get a break from excessive combing, which breaks fragile curly hair, especially type 4c hair. For the style to work as a protective haircare style, it is advised that locs be shoulder length or just below the shoulder and have a diameter of a coin to ensure that they’re not too heavy on the head, which can lead to hair breakage and neck and back pain.

“The faux locs have become a very popular trend, and there are different types, which makes them very versatile and suitable for all the seasons. Haircare and maintenance are easier with faux loc extensions as you dry shampoo and condition the scalp to ensure that your hair remains clean and healthy for the duration that the locs are installed in your hair. You can moisturize your hair with products such as coconut oil, which will give your scalp much-needed nutrients, or a variety of loc kinds of butter for faux locs,” she says.

Kgomotso offers a variety of other hairstyles as well. “I also specialize in African braiding styles such as box braids, twist, crochet braids, and other natural hairstyles. I do maintenance for locs and make afro wigs, as well,” she says.

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How I became a magazine and celebrity hairstylist

How I became a magazine and celebrity hairstylist

Bomzi Lekgoro is one of the most in-demand magazine and celebrity hairstylists in Johannesburg. At the top of her long client list is Bona magazine – South Africa’s most read monthly, consumer magazine. She is behind most of the ‘hair art’ that majestically displays on the cover of this publication.

Bomzi Lekgoro with Rorisang Thandekiso

Generally, a hairstylist, also referred to as ‘hairdresser’ is a person whose occupation is to cut or style hair in order to change or maintain a person’s image. But Bomzi is not just a basic hairstylist! She uses her clients’ hair as her canvas to exhibit her photo-realistic, ingenious, magnificent work of art.

She explains how she landed a job to work with Bona magazine; “It was by default! When a hairstylist that was booked for a shoot could no longer come, they called me in as a replacement. So, I went through, did my work and they were happy. That was the beginning of a good working relationship and its growing stronger every day,” she says.

“I didn’t want to be known as just the girl who plaits hair”

Bomzi received a new guard award for best hairstylist at the first annual Marie Claire Image Makers Awards in 2018. She explains what this recognition means to her; “Receiving an award for the work that I do, was a definite highlight. Being a ‘Marie Claire Image Maker’ means being recognised for doing a great job behind the scenes. It’s for all the creatives who do an amazing job behind the scenes. It was amazing! I had just started my journey as a freelancer and receiving the award was such an honour. This to me meant that God is saying, “you’re on the right track my child,” she says.

Her biggest break was working on the cover of the now defunct – Destiny Magazine. “Being assigned to do my first cover was so exhilarating! Working with Connie and Shona Ferguson was even more exciting. It was such an honour to work with them,” she says.

 “I never set out to do celebrity hair. I guess the stars are aligned in my favour and I’m grateful

“I’ve always been interested in working in the industry and it was a blessing that the salon I worked for previously, was known as a premium salon where many celebrities did their hair. That’s how I met most of my celebrity clients,” says Bomzi.

Growing up in Orlando East and Orange Farm – townships in Soweto, Bomzi was destined to work with hair. She says styling people’s hair has always been a part of her life indirectly, but she never thought that it would end up being her career. Now, she is set for greater things as she continues to flourish as a well renowned hairstylist.

Here’s how she explains the inspiration behind the hairdos

These are Bantu Knots to compliment the accessories and the African print outfit

Most of the time people don’t know how to style their Mohawks. So, I did cornrows with beads in front, as a fringe and added a high pony with extra faux locks hairpiece.

I call this one “bantu knots with a touch of Maasai” the long braids were inspired by the Maasai accessories

This is a flat twist with a golden twine, to complement the makeup.

Nilotiqa – A natural hair care product

Nilotiqa – A natural hair care product

Nilotiqa is a natural hair care product line that is specially formulated to deeply moisturize dry, damaged natural hair to restore hair to its healthy state. The products are formulated and manufactured in South Africa.

Founded by Thokozile Mangwiro, the company has been in the market for three years, and recently launched at all the Clicks Stores nationwide.

Their natural products are formulated with high-quality nourishing ingredients such as sheabutter, coconut oil, castor oil and avocado oil that leave the hair feeling softer, deeply moisturized and much more manageable.