Pilani Bubu Wins SAMA for Best African Adult Contemporary Album

Pilani Bubu Wins SAMA for Best African Adult Contemporary Album

On Tuesday 04 August 2020, South African Singer-Songwriter Pilani Bubu was announced as the winner of Best African Adult Contemporary Album for her Folklore – Chapter 1 album at the 26th Annual South African Music Awards (SAMA).

The SAMA ceremony was held on 3 – 7 August 2020 and unlike previous years, the show aired as a five-night event. Hosted by actress Dineo Langa and comedian Donovan Goliath, the virtual show kept the viewers entertained and glued to their television screens.  

The contemporary folk-soul singer expressed her excitement on social media and said, “It feels like a long exhaling release, ushering in an even deeper breath of reflection and gratitude for the last 10 years strides. This is that marker in the road where we refuel and draw strength for the continued journey. Thank you to all for reflecting with me and your kind words and blessings are well received.”

Pilani released her third album ‘Folklore-Chapter 1’ in November 2019. The singer stated that this is a proof of concept for the work that needs to be done in celebrating and preserving our heritage through the technology of music.

“This is an affirmation that this project series, is an important and sacred piece of work, and when done right could serve its intention for more. I am motivated to continue my work in creating more chapters, curating folkloric content, that future generations can cherish, learn and share,” she says.

The album and its repertoire were birthed from the singer’s international travels and shows. Digging deeper into her roots and origins, Pilani shares stories of South African people in the modern social context, starting thought provoking conversations about men, women, children in our culture, as well as restoring identity. The music is interweaved with poetry and spoken word, interpreting our folklore.

The project marks the beginning of a social platform: Folklore Community to restore the culture of storytelling in African homes and communities to empower and enlighten future generations with positive constructs and knowledge of ourselves to bring a greater sense of self and confidence. The album holds two radio singles: ‘Boom Che’ – celebrating the strength of women and ‘Baile’, as response and call to stop domestic violence and the abuse against women and children. Pilani is currently working on the documentary series to drive this agenda through her #folklorefireside events and literature and audio-visual content packaged for the cause #folklore #theartofstorytelling

Trendy…Thrifty…1-of-a-kind Kimonos and more…

Trendy…Thrifty…1-of-a-kind Kimonos and more…

Lizzie’s Rags started in July 2019 following the popular trend of thrifting, but the dream of owning a clothing brand started many years before.

Elizma Badenhorst, the owner of ‘Lizzie’s Rags’ has been drawn to vintage and retro clothing from a young age, and through operating the online store she has brought that dream from fantasy into reality. She has also started to collaborate with her mother making one-of-a-kind pieces that are not only easy to wear, but also easy on the pocket.

Lots of women want to look presentable and feminine in a flash but want to be comfortable as well. ‘Lizzie’s Rags’ garments are ideal to overcome all those challenges by simply throwing one of the creations around your shoulders, allowing you to float out your front door to conquer your world in style.


Clothing and Accessories that will make you feel like royalty!

Clothing and Accessories that will make you feel like royalty!

Royal Collections is an online store proudly owned and managed by Kemi Fatoki. They offer exclusive local and imported quality clothes, bags and jewellery. Royalty Collections offers wholesale services to other businesses (e-commerce platforms) and retails to the public.

Royalty Collections provides stylish and quality fashionable items at affordable pricing to young modern women and men. At Royalty Collections, they believe that we are all royalty! Their exclusive range of women’s products includes the following categories:

• Women’s – African wears

• English wears (International brands)

• Jewellery

• Bags (Single & Set Bags)

• Men’s clothing

Connect with us on our social media pages for more on our offerings

Instagram: @RoyaltyCollectionsSA

Facebook: RoyaltyCollections-SA

 Email: info@royaltycollections.co.za

Website: www.royaltycollections.co.za 

Contact +27 (84) 284 5854

Genuine Leather Bags Designed and Handmade in South Africa

Genuine Leather Bags Designed and Handmade in South Africa

NT Leather was established by two architects Nikhil and Nindya Tricam who have a passion for elegant minimal design, combined with the robust character and strength of handmade leather goods.

They combine an essentials-only design philosophy with an ethos of high-quality craftsmanship, resolved down to the last stitch. All NT Leather products are hand-cut and hand-stitched in their small studio in Durban, South Africa.

NT Leather arose from a love of design and making and grew when they started getting orders from friends who saw the items, they had made for themselves. When their assistants came on board, they realised what a difference this business was making in their lives and decided to formalise it and develop a range of products. 

“We support, and practice, the use of 100% South African material and production. To create better lives for ourselves, in isolation, only leads to further disparity and contributes to the many problems our country faces. So, to empower the community around us, even on a small scale, allows a better standard of living for everyone, and we just come along for the ride. By keeping everything local, we also ensure that there is a legacy of craft that is passed down in our own local communities, which may outlast us by generations, and open up doors for countless people,” says Nikhil.

Based on these principles, NT Leathers continues to grow and learn, seeking new opportunities and creating awesome new products.


Ladies Fashionable Leggings & Matching Crop Tops

Ladies Fashionable Leggings & Matching Crop Tops

M’s Legging Evolution is not just an online legging store, but an athleisure brand which provides an experience of comfortability and satisfaction to all their clients. The brand caters to female customers from teens, young adults, and adults.

M’s legging sets are non-see through, moisture-wicking, breathable and have stretchy fabric that provides complete coverage with good elasticity to firm and lifts your buttocks. The sets are perfect for any type of workout and everyday wear such as fashion, casual and outdoor.

“We always make sure that our customers are left with a smile and confidence”

New types and styles are introduced for wonderfully and unique females every month to embrace their beauty, stand out from the crowd and get others to notice them.    


Contact details: 065-868-4138

Jewellery designs inspired by the beauty of nature

Jewellery designs inspired by the beauty of nature

Jacqueline Reis, founder of Inspiritus Designs showcases her love for different cultures through her jewellery pieces. Born in Jozi and blessed with a strong Mozambican father and a beautiful South African Mother (who was born in Zambia).  She grew up in Transkei and has been in love with the richness of the African continent and its diverse cultures since she was a young girl. 

“I love the textures and colours of African prints, each of which tells a story. They are vibrant and unapologetic, proud, and stylish!  I have always been hands-on, more of a tomboy than a girlie girl and so, my love for working with mixed materials began. Creating something out of what was once discarded, handcrafted, wearable art, inspired by natural forms and beauty of the outdoors.  I up-cycled leather, suede, and imperfect gemstones, to create unique accessories that can be loved for years to come,” says Jacqueline

chosen due to their imperfections as we believe this is what makes them special.  Our hardware is sterling silver, stainless steel, rose gold plated or copper.  As our products are handmade, no two pieces will be exactly the same and this is especially true for our custom pieces.  We love collaborating with our customers as we know that the right accessory can change your mood just as much as it can change your outfit, and it becomes as unique as the individual who wears it!” she says.