Fragrancefind – Complete your outfit with a unique designer scent!

Fragrancefind – Complete your outfit with a unique designer scent!

We all have a specific scent which is our trademark. The same perfume smells different on everyone because we are all unique.

Applying you perfume correctly is as important as picking out your perfect signature scent. Investing in a quality authentic genuine fragrance like Dolce & Gabbana or Gucci, designed by famous designers should always be on top your fragrance list. Yes, they are pricier than other perfumes, but designer perfumes are known for unique notes. They are of higher quality and could last up to 6 hours compared to an average of 2 hours of other perfumes.

Designer perfumes are stronger and more concentrated, yet delicate that can last throughout the day. Therefore, no need to keep applying your favorite Hermes or Armani perfume over and over again. Simply spray a few drops on your pulse points, neck area, or behind ears.

Due to the quality ingredients of designer fragrances you’d need fewer applications which save you costs in the long run. It is always better to have one quality fragrance than five not so great ones.

Fragrancefind offers the very best and latest selection of International Designer Fragrances at competitive prices with free delivery to your door.

Our experts offer informative and interactive service!

Set the bar… VANTO… Genuine Italian Leather Bags…

Set the bar… VANTO… Genuine Italian Leather Bags…

Vanto is an ode to Italian culture and style. Italy’s trademark of effortless sophistication goes hand in hand with its long tradition of craftsmanship. The “Made in Italy” label is sought after the world over, with Italian craftsmanship totally unmatchable. A part of the world where artisans treat leather like silk. Glamour is simply part of the culture of Italians. Our mission is to bring you sophisticated design from the Cradle of Renaissance.

An intentional paradox, Vanto was born to offer its clients a taste of super cool bags and accessories, at a fraction of the cost. Inspired by all things Italian, Vanto is the antithesis of the current trend of Polyurethane (PU) & Faux Leather bags, championed by fast fashion. The products are produced in small factories throughout Italy in genuine Italian leather.

Following growth in their first year of trade, we have evolved our brand identity to further their mission, as a destination of premium Italian leather bags and accessories. The word “Vanto” in Italian means something that is a “source of pride” and this is the goal for every product sold at our store.

Walk down the aisle in style with Smooches Bridal

Walk down the aisle in style with Smooches Bridal

Smooches Bridal Adornment is an online store committed to providing a very personal experience on an online platform. Today’s busy Brides are short on time but in need of expert advice. With this in mind, Maggi Carless, the founder of Smooches Bridal Adornment set out with a vision to combine the ease and convenience of online shopping with access to the personal touch and expert advice of a committed wedding professional.

Smooches Bridal takes care of all the little, important details that pull a bride’s style together. Their carefully curated collections include delicately hand-beaded veils that tastefully catch the light without overpowering the wedding gown, jewellery and accessories that accentuate all the details on a wedding gown as well as comfortable but stylish wedding shoes.  Their hair adornments range from very simple delicate hairpins to elaborate detailed wreaths.-

Smooches Bridal Adornment collections are created for the modern, feminine bride that values tradition but is independent and strong enough to put her own stamp on it.

They also do not forget that brides want to have fun! Little details go a long way to create a positive, fun environment on your wedding day. Bridal party pyjamas and robes with a personal monogram add excitement and a special touch during the wedding preparation. Thoughtful thank you gifts such as dancing pumps send the message to your bridal party that there is a good party ahead. Even the locally hand-made vintage-styled garters reflect a hint of “sexy”.

Choosing all those little details can be overwhelming and this is where Smooches Bridal makes a special effort to provide expert advice on all social platforms.  Maggi and her team love to receive pictures of the bride’s ideas, fabrics etc and share advice and assistance on how to pull the Bride’s vision together before placing an online order.

The perfect day-to-night summer shoes for the modern woman

The perfect day-to-night summer shoes for the modern woman

Wedges are a must-have for every woman because of their specific design for comfort. They are suitable for whole day wear while portraying a lady-like look. They can be a great and fabulous accessory for ‘dressing up or down’. If you’re looking for a classic wedge shoe and more, look no further! Calzada – is an online shoe brand that has a fancy range to choose from.

It is owned and designed by Shafeeqah, who grew up in Cape Town and completed her studies at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. She then continued pursuing her career as a Fashion Merchandiser in the Retail Industry. Her love for shoes started at a very young age where she would unpack her mother’s shoe closet on a daily basis and play shoe-shoe with her sister.

Calzada was established when she went on vacation to India to do some exploring. Amongst all the hustle and bustle, she found a shoe district that produced all hand-made shoes. Coming across this gem, she pursued her dream of designing for a niche market in her leisure time. The brand was officially launched in November 2018.

She always strives to be productive, focused with strong design flair and passion for starting off new and exciting projects. The brand aesthetic was to design shoes for the stylish modern woman who love adding fun into her closet.

The brand strives to manufacture quality handmade shoes at reasonable prices. Striking the balance for price and quality is very challenging, considering all the shoes are hand-made. Each shoe is made with time, effort and lots of love.

The brand is new and fresh with endless amount of possibilities to discover.

Visit Sibo’s House for an exciting shopping experience!

Visit Sibo’s House for an exciting shopping experience!

A house of beauty that offers a range of apparel to fit a woman’s unique look – that’s Sibo’s House, founded by Audrey Khwinana. They believe that “real beauty is the key to happiness” and that a woman’s wardrobe is her opportunity to stand out and make a lasting first impression.

Their clothing collection is carefully curated to provide customers with a unique fashion style.  As a youthful company for fashion and lifestyle, they are committed to their values and provide their customers with a unique and exciting experience in all areas of personal appearance and lifestyle.

Sibos House officially launched late in 2019, offering a dignified type of look of apparel to fit any woman’s unique sense of style and incorporating the love, passion, quality, design, and fashion.

Audrey Khwinana

“My passion for the exquisite taste of clothing comes from my father’s bloodline. I started realising it at a very young age. It then became stronger in 2013 when I longed for a different taste of clothing,” says Audrey. 

“Our collection harmonises fashionable design, sophistication, and excitement, with quality, richness, and care, a combination that gives our customers complete confidence in their choices and fully addresses their fashion needs. Beyond helping you look your best, we strive to make every purchase, a positive experience. To keep our customers in style we post new arrivals daily, as well as offer stylist picks to help any indecisive shoppers,” she says.

Sibo’s House is a fashionista’s best place to create the perfect wardrobe. Their top priorities are to provide excellent customer service and exceptionally good quality clothing.

“If you are a first-time visitor or long-standing customer, we hope you will be thrilled with every aspect of your Sibo’s House shopping experience,” says Audrey.

Upgrade your wardrobe this New Year with Zinhle & Olivia

Upgrade your wardrobe this New Year with Zinhle & Olivia

Zinhle & Olivia is a South African fashion brand currently trading online selling dresses, blouses, skirts and accessories. Clothing is sourced abroad and locally and plans for in house manufacturing are in place for 2020.  

The business was founded in 2018 in Cape Town and first traded at N1 City Mall as AlberoGrande Boutique. The business was re-launched online as Zinhle & Olivia in 2019 with the aim to sell clothing for a variety of personalities under different brands. All business activities including quality control and shipment are done from Cape Town.

Zinhle & Olivia’s mission is to forge a new, vibrant, quality brand in the clothing retail sector that caters to all body shapes and sizes. Most of the clothing is made from stretching fabric to enable perfect fitting for different shapes and sizes and gives some room for bodyweight fluctuation. The size ranges are from small to 3XL on most items.

Zinhle & Olivia can be found on the web, Facebook and Instagram on the below links


Facebook: or @ZinhleandOlivia

Instagram: or @zinhleolivia_boutique


WhatsApp: +27823869592