Mojo Water – Giving mother earth her Mojo back!

Mojo Water – Giving mother earth her Mojo back!

Mojo Water is a Proudly South African brand that is safe for you and the environment. It is eco-friendly, innovative, recyclable and biodegradable! Mojo Water aims to  give mother earth her mojo back, one boxed water at a time. A plastic bottle will take hundreds of years to decompose, and for this reason people across the world are taking action against plastic. Mojo Water packaging is fully recyclable, biodegradable and paper based.

Contact Mojo Water:

Tel: 083 225 4726




Kids Relief – 100 Percent Natural Medicines Moms Can Trust!

Kids Relief – 100 Percent Natural Medicines Moms Can Trust!

Kids Relief has been trusted by mothers across Canada since 1993 and can now be found in South Africa.

Kids Relief products are 100 percent natural and they provide relief without the worry of harmful side effects.

Homeopathic medicines are considered among the safest medicinal option in the world. There is no risk of overdose or potential negative interaction with other medicines.

With Kids Relief, your child will receive fast-acting, effective relief without the addition of alcohol, dyes and sugars. Also, you will have no problems getting your kids to take these easy-to-administer, great-tasting formulas.

Decorate your kid’s room with ‘In Style’ Posh Cribz furniture

Decorate your kid’s room with ‘In Style’ Posh Cribz furniture

Posh Cribz offers custom made kids & home décor, furniture & accessories to add personalized flair and inspiration to your room in an easy and affordable way.

Purple Dinosaur Shelf.
Fully Assembled. Made from Supawood.

Height – 100cm Width – 125cm
Price – R1200.00

Blue Rocking Elephant

Height 50cm Width 80cm
Fully assembled & made from Supawood
Price R600.00

Red Rocket Shelf
Height – 140cm Width – 68cm

Fully assembled & made from Supawood
Price R 1200.00

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Magic Firefly – Fun and Colourful Little Chef Accessories

Magic Firefly – Fun and Colourful Little Chef Accessories

Dipna Lala – owner of Magic Firefly shares how she started her business, and this is her story.

Like many young mums out there, we sit and daydream about one day starting our own successful business. Magic Firefly has always been a dream of mine, but I never got down to put into practice because of my hectic work life and at the same time being a mum to two beautiful children. I worked in the corporate industry for 12 years and the hustle and bustle of deadlines and tight work schedules always somehow made me go back for more.

In 2014 my life changed radically, as it does for many women. I had a baby. She was the most gorgeous and beautiful and she consumed my heart and my mind. I loved being a mom, but as someone who had a professional career for more than a dozen years before entering this new environment called parenting, I realised my career wasn’t something I wanted to give up because I was a mom. I wanted to do both.

So, I did, and I went back to the corporate world, and things were great. I achieved the work-life balance we hear so much about today. I felt happy and content that I was accomplishing both professional and personal achievements in my life. Sure, there were days when I felt like I left my heart at home with my mum but there were also days where I felt like my short hours at work had taken a toll on my productivity. But for the most part, I was happy with finding a middle ground. Life was good.

In 2017 I fell pregnant with my second child and this time around my life was a struggle. How was I ever going to manage work and being a mum with 2 kids? It was at that point in my life that I decided Life with my kids was more important to me than any job. Time spent with my kids was the most valuable and precious time and nothing or no job could ever replace that.

After leaving the corporate world and becoming a stay at home mum I spent many hours with my daughter baking and having fun in the kitchen. She absolutely loved being involved in the kitchen from baking to cooking and prepping things for mealtimes. It was at this time I realised I couldn’t really find kid-friendly utensils and gadgets. Kitchen utensils for children were scarce and also not meant for tiny fingers. I began researching and looking for safe and kid-friendly products that could make working and prepping things in the kitchen for both mum and child fun and exciting.

After many months of researching and contacting suppliers from all over the world, I came to the realisation that the world out there was filled with endless supplies of kid-friendly products. I had to bring these wonderful and stimulating products to South Africa. This was a turning point in my life because I finally realised that this is what I wanted to do – Bringing fun and excitement into the kitchen and also learning at the same time. My daughter was thrilled and overjoyed with the idea and she said to me “mum we can name our business Magic Firefly.

And that is how Magic Firefly was born!

All Magic Firefly products are fun and easy to use and most of all they are safe for tiny little fingers.

Follow us on:

Instagram: Magic_Firefly.ZA

 Facebook: Magic Firefly ZA

 Whatsapp: 073 236 6903


Get ready to indulge in the new Ginger Beer on the market

Get ready to indulge in the new Ginger Beer on the market

Experience the traditional South African drink loved by many, for its unique taste. Ginger Beer, better known as ‘Gemmer’, is a staple drink for African traditional ceremonies. Mshengu’s Home Made Ginger Beer is the ultimate thirst quencher made by Nomaswazi Tshabalala. It is a traditional homemade ginger beer proudly inspired by her grandmother.  Their gemmer has a pleasant pungent taste that will entice your taste buds. 

Not only is it delicious, but the ginger that it is made of has a lot of healing benefits for your body. It is made with the finest, natural ingredients to provide you with a healthy drink to benefit your wellbeing.

Nomaswazi Tshabalala

“Our gemmer is the ultimate throat opener with an infusing, sweet and scintillating taste. Not only does it taste good, but it has health benefits derived from ginger. My grandmother’s secret ingredient makes it stand out from the rest, and it could possibly be the best Ginger Beer in town,” says Nomaswazi.

What her grandmother passed down to her, provides the sentimental unique taste of traditional home-crafted ginger beer. Gemmer is a heritage beverage that will continue to be passed down for generations to come.

Mshengu’s Ginger Beer is available in 500ml, 5L and 20L and can be delivered to your doorstep. So, drink up and enjoy the fresh, spicy and a bittersweet taste.

Serving You ‘Queen of Chai’ – Quality Tea Made for Tea Lovers!

Serving You ‘Queen of Chai’ – Quality Tea Made for Tea Lovers!

Queen of Chai is a female-owned start-up business that was launched at the end of August 2019.

Queen of Chai was born many years ago, playfully referred to as “Chaiwala”. It began amongst a group of college friends spending hours together always with a pot of freshly brewed masala tea, also known as CHAI, the Indian/ Hindi word.

Years later, in conversation and over a pot of brewed chai, shared amongst husband and wife (a team), the realisation arose that there is a gap in the market and that “Chaiwala” can actually become a business. Chaiwala then transformed into Queen of Chai. The name came to the owner, Hajirah Dawray Cassiem in a dream.

Queen of Chai is an authentic Indian/Oriental brand. All their products have an oriental flair. They sell black loose-leaf teas made with whole spices, organic Golden Milk latte mixtures (tumeric base) and a lemongrass tea range.

They will be introducing Organic Rooibos Masala Chai and 100% organic Chai Latte mixture in the new year.

Queen of Chai only uses whole pure spices that they grind down themselves. They support clean living and try to source the base of their products straight from the farm.