Havva Closet Brings you Classic & Chic Apparel – For Women on The Move!

Havva Closet Brings you Classic & Chic Apparel – For Women on The Move!

Trends come and go, however, you never can beat classic fashion, and it’s arguably even more important to build a wardrobe that you’ll love for years, if not decades.

A classic fashion is a style that lasts for several seasons, sometimes even years, and is accepted by a wide range of people. For example, a double-breasted blazer is one of the classic fashion items that repeat themselves year after year.

As such, this year we’ve been seeing a lot of bright-coloured double-breasted blazers and it seems we’ll be seeing more this Spring/Summer season. Thankfully, Havva Closet have amazing double-breasted jackets this season. You can choose from their variety of bright colours.

We’re seeing a major resurgence of animal-print apparel, whether it be leopard, snakeskin, or even tiger patterns. The trend has slowly been gaining traction over the years and has now officially taken over the fashion world. This year, the snakeskin trend will continue to slither into your closet, like this pleated snakeskin dress from Havva Closet, that is a definite must-have in your closet.

With Spring/Summer fashion officially underway, there are plenty of new trends and styles to try now. But if you’re going to commit to one new look this season, make it the pantsuit. Havva Closet have ultra-feminine pantsuits with empowering working girl vibes.

More about Havva Closet

Havva Closet is an online clothing boutique, owned by Paula Msiza. Being an accredited Image Consultant, Paula ensures to handpick the most stylish, classic and quality items for their customers. They have a range of classic, vintage chic clothing items for all occasions. From polka-dot dresses to pantsuits.

Paula Msiza

“I grew up with a fascination for fashion design since the early primary. I would draw ball gowns in all my schoolbooks. Post matric, I made a calculated decision to study Metallurgical engineering and worked as a Mining professional for 13 years. Whilst still working in a 9-5 job in 2014, I was inspired to open an online boutique in partnership with my sister under the name Havva (Arabic name for Eve). All our merchandise is sourced in Europe as our offering is elegant and chic clothing for women on the move. Our brand is positioned to give a voice to women who want to match their style with a bold attitude towards work and life, a brand that partners with you to “go for it all. I’m looking to build a team in the next few years and ultimately, we see ourselves designing and manufacturing collections in-house, once we are confident that we can offer the best quality which will compete with international fashion brands,” says Paula.

For more of these classic and chic looks follow https://www.instagram.com/havvaclosetsa/ and https://www.instagram.com/fashionscience.sa/ – Style blog

Complete your outfit with the Dress-Smart handbags for Spring

Complete your outfit with the Dress-Smart handbags for Spring

A handbag can be the only street style bait you need, so long as you’re carrying the right style. There are so many ways to welcome the Spring/Summer season: a candy coloured croc, a teardrop-shaped crossbody, or many a modern twist on the lady bag.

Somehow the world’s teeniest, tiniest mini totes have proven to be a big smash in 2019. These days, rather than one overarching silhouette or finish leading the charge for all bags everywhere, you’ll find that each fashion brand has the style that most suits their unique aesthetic.

So, forget the notion that only bags can be stylish when shoulder bags are out or that bucket drawstring totes are the only thing to be seen carrying. There’s a stylish bag out there for everyone.

If you like your investments to be loud, flashy and noticeable, but reasonably priced, it’s likely you’ll be drawn to Dress-Smart’s bag collection. Find some of the best women shoulder bags from Dress-Smart.

About Dress-Smart and the owner

Dress-Smart is an online accessories store owned by Oyama Dangazele. They provide elegant and good quality women and men’s purses, bags, and wallets.

“What inspired me to start Dress-Smart is the fact that I grew up in a small village in the Eastern Cape, where all these glamourous items were only seen on TV. We had limited access to just about anything. I want to make a name for myself. My wish is to create a platform where anyone, anywhere in Africa could have access to my collection. I want to also inspire the younger generation to know that no matter where you are from, you can still follow your dreams,” says Oyama.

Future Goals

“We are all about collaboration, hence we look forward to crafting our own designs, in partnership with local designers soon. We also hope to open physical stores and introduce a new range wardrobe for both males and females. Our products will be locally produced, ensuring that our local suppliers are supported. I see this company as a fast-growing company. After launching in February 2019, we’ve already expanded our business to the Eastern Cape market,” she says.

Get the Chic ‘Yarebo’ Look this Spring/Summer Season

Get the Chic ‘Yarebo’ Look this Spring/Summer Season

Sunnier days and warmer weather are finally here, and we are super excited about all the fun spring/summer fashion trends that are on the way. This season is all about over-the-top colours, textures and retro styling. As long as you keep it tailored and stay true to your individual style.

Nothing says ‘summertime’ more than beautiful bold colours. This season wear one colour from head to toe for extra style points. A tailored outfit in a solid colour has the same slimming effect as wearing black!

Fashion, like all other art forms, is about creativity and pushing the boundaries. So, it’s up to you to be discerning with the trends you choose to follow, and which you choose to ignore.

If you’re looking for trendy, bright and bold outfits this season, look no further!

Rebone Mekgwe is a Johannesburg based fashion designer and graduate from Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). She is one of South Africa’s most promising fashion designers who founded Yarebo in 2009, a fashion brand which specialises in custom-made apparel for both genders. The brand has a strong colour palette and decorative design influenced by the current trends.

Rebone, who draws inspiration from things and people around her is known to her customers for signature pantsuits and modern silhouettes designed for the confident men and women who are comfortable in their own skin and looking for something striking.

“I design unique pieces that can be worn comfortably! I make practical and flattering clothes, with a design edge to them. I want my customers to feel truly special and unique when wearing my garments,” says Rebone.

Follow https://www.instagram.com/yarebo23/

Feel comfortable, look sexy, and prevent inner thigh chafing!

Feel comfortable, look sexy, and prevent inner thigh chafing!

Bandidas thigh bands are the new fashion accessory and a glamorous way to address one of the most common problems that women face – thigh chafing. The stretchy and delicate lace (or soft microfiber) bands with non-slip silicone, provide comfort and take your mind away from annoying chafing problem so you can feel sexy and chic at any time.

Bandidas turn an unpleasant problem into a pretty look, enhance confidence and well-being with one simple accessory and gives women a new way to wear dresses and skirts without experiencing painful thigh chafing. Bandidas pay homage to the organic form of the female leg because sometimes the most beautiful structure needs a little trim on the top! Designed to help women protect their inner thighs from chafing, the thigh bands have become the new must-have fashion accessory for all!

Bandidas believe that everybody should feel amazing in their own skin. For some women, thigh chafing makes it difficult to feel comfortable and confident every day. Whether you’re a busy mother, an active runner or a runway model – if you love your thighs, your thighs will love Bandidas.

How to measure your thighs

To ensure the perfect fit, ensure that you measure your thighs! Measuring is easy and only takes a minute. (Check the video on the Bandidas website https://bandidas.co.za/  While standing, measure the widest part of your bare thigh using a tape measure. Bandidas strongly recommends that first-time buyers measure their thighs following the instructions, as the correct fit stops the bands from rolling or slipping.

The thigh bands retail for R325 a pair. Bandidas uses a door to door courier service to ship all over South Africa, and offer their loyal customers, FREE shipping for orders over R500!

For enquiries, email info@bandidas.co.za

Organza Fabric Dress Trend  dominates the fashion industry

Organza Fabric Dress Trend dominates the fashion industry

Organza is the most popular fabric in the fashion world for the making of gorgeous silk dresses for women or women silk dressing gowns. Even though the fashion trends and styles keep on changing but the fabulous fabric organza mixed with the silk fabric has always been utilized in making the newest and stunning clothing items.

This fabric is extensively used by the designers for creating dresses, gowns, evening party dresses and skirts with volume for women because of its crisp hand, amazing drape, lightweight and plain weave. Its major outstanding quality is its sheer look, crisp and strength that makes it most popular among women.

Usually Organza has a crisp and wiry finish with sheer quality. The real silk organza is the most luxurious kind of fabric that is extremely expensive and is rarely used in the making of the full clothing items. It is generally used in embellishment of the party gowns or adding to its volume and drape.

The organza woven from 100 % natural silk is the dream fabric that can be utilised to create stunning dresses for women. It is delicately light weighted and has a beautiful drape which makes it float like a feather. Its amazing sheer texture reflects the print show on both sides and its traditional crisp makes it look like you are wearing nothing.

It has the quality of natural shimmer that reflects the light and gives a shine of its own. This makes it the best-sophisticated embellishment feature of this fabric. Because of these qualities, they are being vastly used in creating wedding gowns, evening party dresses, cocktail dresses and prom gowns of women

Being a versatile kind of fabric, organza is most popular among the dress designers and fashion brands in creating formal types of female dresses. The best thing about this fabric is that it can be utilized in almost all kinds of dresses and for any silhouette to enhance its charm. Usually, the fashion designers love to experiment, mix and match or layer organza with various other fabrics such as raw silk, chiffon, satin and many more to create eye-catching clothing items. In the latest fashion trends and styles, it is also used with a texture to produce a chic modern design. With organza, there are endless dress options and choices for women.

Ways to wear the oversized look this winter

Ways to wear the oversized look this winter

Oversize fashion is the trendsetter for style-conscious people. Women all over the world have awoken to this trend and have taken it to a different level. Melody Trend – the brain behind FRNTROW, is the perfect example of someone who has taken the trend and created her own. She is a trendsetter of note, fashionista, style pioneer and has elegantly pushed boundaries with the oversized trend.

Someone said; “When you’re going big with fit, go easy on colour. Neutral shades like grey, white and navy work best, while brighter tones will have you looking like a sleazy soul singer finishing up a bender in the local strip club.”

But Melody has gone big and bold in her styling and has pulled off the looks sophisticatedly. She has also managed to successfully combine clothing items that ordinarily wouldn’t work. However, you have to be a very brave and a fashion-conscious person to pull off most of her looks.

Here’s how she wears the oversized look