Basix + Kigelia Africana 250ml x 6 units


Basix + Kigelia Africana is a shea butter based, paraben free and natural skincare product. All extracts were carefully chosen and formulated to cover all areas of skincare and treat symptoms caused by various skin conditions.

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Kigelia Africana 

Kigelia Africana also known as Sausage Tree occurs throughout tropical Africa from Eritrea and Chad south to northern South Africa, and west to Senegal and Namibia. It has a wonderful range of benefits towards the skin. Kigelia Africana reduces and helps prevent blemishes and excess oil production. It helps combat premature aging by firming and tightening of the skin which reduces wrinkles. It also has a soothing/ calming effect towards the skin, which helps avoid irritations and inflammatory conditions caused by various skin conditions.

Basix + Kigelia Africana is a natural product that has been specifically designed to be as hypoallergenic as possible.

Some of the better known natural ingredients include: 

Shea Butter, Olive oil, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Olive Leaf Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Davidsonia Plum Extract,, Grapeseed Oil, Glycerin, Rosehip Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Lilly pilly Extract, Lemon Aspen Extract, Whey Lactis Protein Extract, Green Tea Extract, Rooibos Extract, Rose Oil, Kigelia Africana Extract, Rosemary Extract and Soya oil.

The mechanism behind Basix + Kigelia Africana is as follows:

  • Effective against many common Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria
  • Effective against a host of fungi and virii
  • Strong blood circulation properties
  • Good nutrient and mineral supplementation
  • Skin renewal stimulus through fruity acids
  • Many antioxidants, moisturisers, skin tone improvers and anti-pigmentation components
  • Assists in the treatment of:
  • Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and acne
  • Burns, scalds, bedsores and sunburn
  • Diabetic wounds and ulcers
  • Blemishes and pigmentation problems
  • Shingles and chickenpox sores
  • Cracked heels and frost burns


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