Her recollection of when the interest in clothes started serves her as far back as when she was in Grade 4. Lerato Pooe says she would make paper dolls and create outfits for them every day. Years later, it had become her passion and she started making dresses for herself and her friends.

To date, she is a fully-fledged fashion designer and owner of Ditoro – which means Dreams in Setswana. Her dream of pursuing fashion designing as a career finally became a reality in 2014 when she started her business.

“I design every day, practical clothing with a unique African feel. Ideas literally just come to me.  I’ll see a fabric and immediately see what I should make with it. I’ll play around with sketches, make a sample and see what it looks like. I would like to think that my designs are classic. And classic is seldom affected by trends but remains a core part of a woman’s wardrobe across all trends,” says Lerato.

She is currently working on her 2019 winter collection and says that it will be themed a ‘blast from the past’. “I’ll be looking at the 60s for inspiration. Lots of styles will be borrowed from the classic menswear. Winter doesn’t have to be dull, so I will be working with bright colours,” she says.