Palesa Mofokeng, owner of a mobile clothing boutique, Trendy Styles by Palesa based in Bloemfontein in the Free State took s us through clothing trends, styling and suitable occasions.

  1. Every woman should own a stylish dress in their wardrobe, whether formal or informal, short or long. The print dress that I’ve selected from Trendy Styles is fancy and an easy fit. It can be worn on a normal day to work and can be dressed up for a wedding or a special function.

2. The mustard 2 piece is a bright and simple outfit and ideal for the summer. It can be worn up or down. Wearing stiletto shoes with this can make it more of a smart casual look, perfect for fun semi-formal outings such as a girl’s night out. This outfit can also work perfectly when paired with a pair of flat shoes for a relaxed afternoon outing like a picnic or braai with friends.

3. Accessories can totally transform a look, depending on your choice. Matching bag and shoes can be one way of enhancing an outfit. Although, we live in more ‘unmatched’ times where everything doesn’t have to match in colour and still look beautiful. So, when choosing accessories, make sure that you choose items that will enhance your outfit to make it more chic.

4. And of course, any look would not be complete without shades, right? The oversied sunglasses would add some swag and complete the look. Sunglasses tend to add a bit of elegance and swag to a look. A pair of shades can turn a simple look to a more fancier look. These days, seemingly, the bigger the shades, the better. So the oversized shades are a major hit!