The workmanship at Klichy Nails is top-notch and their services are impressive. The man behind this glamour is Kelechi Agwu.  He is the nail technician and owner of the business.

“We offer various nail shapes, art colours and specialise in crystals artwork. The coffin or ballerina shape is high in demand at nail bar,” says Kelechi.

Kelechi Agwu

They have built a huge client base in the past four years of establishing the business at Maboneng Precinct in Johannesburg Central. These have become their regular clients because of the gratifying services they offer. Klichy Nails have a very sophisticated client base consisting of women of glamour with great buying power.

Kelechi says Klichy Nails runs workshops and training services nationwide to teach budding nail technicians about their unique technique. This is his way of imparting his exceptional skills to better others who wish to follow his path.