To celebrate February, the month of love, Ackermans has introduced a new campaign to create a movement for women who are proud to show their true selves and embrace their imperfections. 

The #IAmMe campaign is for women who are bold, beautiful and honest to who they really are and are unapologetic about it. It is about women who have accepted and embraced their body flaws. It is about self-love.

At the forefront of this campaign are celebrity women, Busiswa Gqulu, Rami Chuene, Kim Jayde, Minki van der Westhuizen and Pearl Modiadie.

This is what they had to say:

Embrace what you have

“We need to learn to accept that we can never look the same. People have different shapes and sizes, and the more you embrace what you have, the more beautiful you become. “Rami Chuene

Beautiful doesn’t mean flawless

“I haven’t always been very kind to my body over the years, but I’ve finally accepted that beautiful doesn’t mean flawless, so embrace every one of your ‘flaws’. That’s what makes you you.” Pearl Modiadie

Our strength is undeniable

“It’s a beautiful time to be alive. Now more than ever women are allowed to be who they want to be. Our voices are audible, our opinions matter, our bodies are resilient, and our strength is undeniable.” Busiswa Gqulu

Uplift and inspire  

“We need to change how we see and speak about our bodies – your feet can take you all over the world, your hands create and heal, your mouth can uplift and inspire.” Kim Jayde

Be proud of who you are

“I just think it’s important for us women to support each other and to tell each other that you’re beautiful and brave. Be proud of who you are and celebrate your own uniqueness.” Minkie van de Westhuizen