Putting together fresh and unique outfit ideas on a regular basis can be quite a mission. In fact, creating looks from scratch can be an extremely challenging task that leaves you feeling frustrated and discouraged. But the dawn of online clothing boutiques has given fashion lovers a quick and easy option to put together gorgeous outfits for any season. All that is required is a little bit of inspiration and creativity.

ZA-SA Kweens, an online clothing boutique, is a fashionista’s ideal shopping space. They have a variety of stunning, affordable and trendy dresses for all occasions. Whether you just need a traditional little black dress, or you’re looking for something a little more luxe for an upcoming occasion, they’ve got all the styles that matter.

Nontutuzelo Ngilana

Founder and style enthusiast, Nontutuzelo Ngilana says over the years, she has always paid attention to fashion. Until her family and friends began noticing her up-to-the-minute clothing and would approach her to style them for events or ask for her opinion on what to wear. This is what prompted the launch of her own online clothing boutique.

“Starting the clothing brand was quite nerve wrecking! I was unsure about how people would receive the brand. However, the feedback has been positive. The support we’ve received from our clients has been overwhelming. Word and mouth and social media have been vital in the promotion of the brand.  We have built such solid relations with our customers, to a point where, they request to preview new stock prior to social media posting for public viewing,” says Nontutuzelo.

For the past couple of years, maxi dresses have been the trend. We’ve seen them in different styles, fabrics and colours.  ZA-SA has an assortment of maxi dresses to choose from, depending on the occasion. They have dresses for formal and casual outings. Whether it be for a day out with the girls, a cocktail party or a dinner date, ZA-SA has got you covered.

For Nontutuzelo, ensuring that there is diversity in their clothing stock is pivotal. “We don’t want to replicate what other Instagram boutiques are doing. We want to give our customers a wide clothing selection to choose from. As we continue to build the business, continuing to build trust, providing efficient shopping experiences and ensuring that we always deliver to our customers timeously, will be quite key to the success of our brand,” she says.