Nomsa Madida is a celebrity makeup artist who is known as the ‘Face Beater’, a term that’s now commonly used in the beauty industry to describe perfectly done makeup. Her long list of celebrity clients includes the likes of Thembisa Mdoda who sing her praises on social media by posting images of her made up face with a caption that says, ‘Touched by the best’.

Thembisa Mdoda

Nomsa attributes this compliment to the relationship and trust that she has with Thembisa. “I think it boils down to her trusting my work. I also consider her to be the best. I’m always available for her,” she says. 

When asked if she considers herself to be the best, she humbly disagreed. “Never! I can never be the best. I don’t think that I’m the best. I always leave room for improvement and I’m always learning. At the end of the day it just means I bring out beauty in people,” says Nomsa. 

Nomsa Madida

Even though she is modest about her talent, many would agree that she is one of the best in the industry. Her body of work is beautifully displayed under the hashtag – touched by Nomsa.  She explains the motivation behind the hashtag. “I wanted people to be able to easily identify my work on social media,” she says.

Her first official job was simultaneously working for SABC’s Chatroom and Gospel Time shows as a makeup artist assistant. Then her big break came when the person she was assisting was no longer available for the job. She then took over and became the makeup artist to Dr Rebecca Malope who was the host of Gospel Time then.  “That’s when things changed for me!” she says. 

Now, she is a well-known makeup artist and her work speaks for itself. “A lot of the times I work with celebrities, but I do work with regular women who require my services as well,” she says.

“I don’t compete. I always focus on bettering myself and my craft. I also never try to fit in. I’m unique, I’m a brand, it’s my race, my lane”

She also refers to herself as the ‘MakeUpreneur’ and here’s why. “I’m not just a makeup artist. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m in the beauty and makeup business, that’s how I created the term ‘Makeupreneur’. 

She is the founder of a company called Xclusive Makeup Events which deals with the demand of women who want to learn how to professionally apply makeup. “We host workshops and events to discuss grooming, makeup, women issues and socialise. 

Nomsa attributes her success to hard work and never taking any work that she does for granted. “Every work I do is my best. But if I were to choose the best job I’ve done so far, it would be the recent March cover of True Love magazine with Sindi Dlathu,” says Nomsa.

Sindi Dlathu

Here’s the makeup trends and tips according to Nomsa

  • Cut crease is a current trend,
  • Less tweezing of brows,
  • Thick brows are in,
  • The right foundation colours and,
  • Contouring.

Makeup Tips

  • Always apply primer before foundation,
  • Invest in a good mascara and bronzer for makeup less days and,
  • Wash the face before going to sleep, never sleep with makeup on.