T-shirts have proved their worth when it comes to marketing a campaign or a business. With a perfect t-shirt design you can build a rapport with your audience perfectly. Many marketers understand the power of this advertisement method and create unique t-shirts to catch the viewer’s’ attention.

Among young people, t-shirts are an easy and casual fashion wear. T-shirts are no more simple clothing with plain colours and little lettering. As a matter of fact, t-shirts today have become the way to show the attitude, personality of the wearers.

This industry is growing exponentially, and new businesses are mushrooming everywhere. Naomi Wears is one such start-up business. A collaboration between two sisters Sharon Rhodes (36) and Melanie (34) Patrick based in the north of Johannesburg.

To compete in the market, they are creating memorable and empowering women t-shirt designs. Sharon and Melanie have created the t-shirt brand to inspire women to become powerful fierce forces of nature through their n online and popup shops.

“Coming from a design background and having a constant need to inspire and be inspired we then came up with the label – Naomi Wear. T-shirts were an obvious choice for our playground of expression. Embodied within the label are three key aspects, the celebration of women, empowerment and providing fabric for inspiration. We combine the use of imagery and powerful messages to convey the essence of a woman who celebrates herself and all that she is and still to become,” says Sharon.

Woman in Progress, Self-Love, Female Ambition are some of the messages of women empowerment printed on the Naomi Wears creative and colourful t-shirts.  The celebration, evolution, unity, and providing a voice, identity and expression for women is what unleashes their creativity as a business.

“Our t-shirt label carries the tracing elements of a journey to celebrate, empower and create awareness of the true identity of women. Naomi Wear provides a voice for women who desire difference, connection and to be heard in society. Essentially, we want to create more than a brand but a revolution and movement that enables women to be themselves,” says Melanie.

Achieving brand awareness is their prime focus and the roadmap for accomplishing this is through distributing to the major market retailers.

“We have recently partnered with a female driven online business called Vuuqa and we will be joining them from May 2019. We also sell and promote at markets, such as the Market@theSheds and the Fields Market. Our t-shirts and winter sweaters retail from R300.00 – R600.00,” says Sharon.