The black and white trend in clothing is quite a striking style choice and never goes out of style. If you want to achieve a posh and sophisticated look, then you may rely on the black and white ‘non colour’ combination. And if you are in search of timelessly classic looks, then you’ll fall in love with On Point by T’s black and white clothing range. A fashionista of note! Tabisa Ngubo, owner of – On point by T- shares tips about the best way to wear this underrated style.

Her take on the black and white fashion trend is quite insightful.  She begins by breaking down the striped garments, which can also be an added stress in terms of styling.

“Black and white stripes can be a little tricky to pull off. Not everyone can pull off the totally striped outfits. So, I suggest that you try pairing striped garments with a black staple. You can try on a striped top tucked in high-rise A-line black skirt or try on a black tank top and tuck it inside the black-white striped skirt,” says Tabisa.

What about wearing florals? We asked her. “Black and white florals is another way you can make the colours look awesome on you. This print will give you the right amount of detail to your outfit. If you want to refresh your look, then the best way is to add a pop of colour,” she says.

Here are eight of her favourite monochrome looks from their range ‘On Point by T’:

  1. Here are stylish pairings, starting from the white shirt with a black collar and a sequined bow which can be paired with a black pair of pants.

2. Another great way to pair black and white is to try on polka dots. Like the polka dot shirt paired with a plain white jumpsuit.

3. My utmost favourite is our one shoulder strap black jumpsuit with a pop of white in the off the shoulder collar. It can be worn at a wedding or a cocktail function or anywhere fancy.

4. The patchwork belted jumpsuit is a chic and trendy way to combine the black and white in one piece.

5. Although plain white can usually put people off in terms of style option ideas, our fun and sassy plain white 2 piece is a great way to wear white and look stylish and popping. The standing collar top with puffy sleeved top adds an elegant twist to the outfit.

6. Styling culottes can be very tricky! The simple and easy way is with the matching culottes set which would look great for work or brunch.

7. The mono-colour look tends to make you look taller and slimmer, which is great! You can try on a fully black fitted outfit. Our black fitted plunging neck and large bowed dress is a definite must-have item in your wardrobe. It’s a statement dress!

8. My final look is the sequined bowed jacket which can be worn over any black dress or paired with a black top and pants. It can be worn at a glamorous event like a gala dinner.

Sometimes wearing black and white feels a bit too plain and boring, so you can break it up with a bold accessory in another colour, like a different colour pair of shoes and belt.

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