Jewellery trends these days have become very exciting, more colourful and statement-making versus the dainty “everyday” craze that was on top for so long. Jewellery is one of the easiest ways to update your look. Take your favourite little black dress to a whole new level when you accessorize it with statement earrings.

Classic hoops have been ruling the accessory scene for quite some time. But earring trends have become more playful and unapologetically bold. Designers are not holding back on the accessory front. Jewellery trends are in your face and sometimes, the primary outfit-making piece. Thanks to designers like Xoliswa Cebisa – founder of Riama Creations, you can make your winter look pop with any of their statement-making earring designs.

Riama Creations is a jewellery company based in Cape Town, currently specialising in earring designing. They handmake fantastic earrings that will make a great accessory and complete your looks this season.

Xoliswa explains where she got the inspiration and skill to design such stunning pieces. “I got my creative side from my mother, but when I registered myself at Cape Town College of Fashion Design to study Foundation Principles, I didn’t know that it would be valuable in my earring design business later on. Then I further honed my skill by watching tutorials on YouTube. Everyday life experiences inspire me! I spend most of my time on the road so, things I see and people I meet are a fundamental part of my inspiration to create unique designs,” she says.

Riama Creations have four base factory shops in Cape Town, ‘The beads and Gems’ in Brackenfell, ‘Fantasia’ and ‘Beads for Africa’ both in Montague Gardens, ‘Pronto’ a wholesale place in Cape Town CBD and ‘Big Tree beads’ in Maitland.  

When asked about following trends, Xoliswa is quick to point out that she doesn’t follow but create her own trends. “I don’t create my earrings based on what is trending. Although, I follow trends, I try to be as unique as possible with my designs and prefer to create something based on what my imagination is projecting to me at that particular moment. Also, it would be difficult to keep up with trends because we don’t have a manufacturing place specifically designed to manufacture earring findings. Most of our material is imported from China. That’s why I make handmade jewellery, to have the freedom to do what comes to mind with whatever I find on the market. Sometimes I buy bits and pieces of material with no idea what I would be making, but then later something comes to mind. It gives me such a sense of joy to create something from scratch. I love what I do and hope to elevate my business to greater heights in the near future,” she says.