The long awaited Soweto Fashion Week 2019 (Autumn/Winter season) is finally here and promises to fire up Soweto over the winter season.

With the futuristic Cowhide animal print as the theme for the 2019 A/W season, Soweto Fashion Week is once again bringing together designers from Soweto and across Gauteng to showcase their work at the prestigious three-day event taking place from 30 May – 1 June 2019.  

The Animal Print trend has resurfaced with a vengeance on the fashion scene, with 2018 seeing the rise, endurance and evolution of leopard print.  Whether it was the stores, to the streets and social media feeds, the pull of the print was felt across all categories.

Although the fashion scene currently has an appetite for the wider animal print collection, like the snake, tiger and zebra print, it is the cowhide print that has taken the fashion world by storm, hence Soweto Fashion Week, in keeping up with trends, has taken the leap of fashion faith to make it its theme for the 2019 A/W season.

Established in 2011, Soweto Fashion Week, founded by Fashion Entrepreneur Stephen Manzini, has for the past eight years showcased some of Soweto’s finest fashion labels including Loxion Kulca, Urban Zulu, Dope store, Tiller and Thesis Wear to mention but a few.

The three-day event, will be held at the Zone 6 Events venue in Diepkloof, Soweto. The venue has become home to many of Soweto and Johannesburg’s top music and lifestyle events.

Founder Stephen Manzini says those attending Soweto Fashion Week can expect high fashion from both established to relatively unknown brand, “Our passion is unearthing top talent in the fashion industry. Soweto is alive with creativity, with many designers longing to establish themselves on big stages, and that’s what we are all about.”