We view our lives such that things are either looking up or looking down, failing to realise that the answers we seek come to us when we look inside.

“True power comes from within and I believe that well-fitted lingerie is one of the most underestimated sources of inner power available to us,” explains Thrusha Deoduth, founder of True10 Intimate Apparel.

Sadly, only 2 out of 10 women worldwide wear the correct bra for their body, a statistic Thrusha finds ‘very uncomfortable’ and is determined to improve on in our country.

True10 – introducing you to yourself

An online shopping site, with their fitting studio based in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, True10 is your ‘go to’ place to find your perfect fit, understand your body and become a better lingerie shopper.

“Foundations are everything and well-fitted lingerie should be a daily fundamental. Powering up starts from the inside and we’re geared to bring you a transformational experience that will be your springboard to realising your true worth and believing in your true power first thing, every morning!” she says.

“We need women to embrace their authentic self, understand their bodies better and see their beauty while still feeling comfortable. A well fitted bra isn’t the easiest item to find and most women aren’t sure of what fit factors to look for and as such, we’ve become accustomed to settling for what is available,” says Thrusha. 

Making high quality, size inclusive lingerie accessible and affordable was therefore imperative. Sexiness comes from your self-confidence and the realization of your self-worth, all necessary to develop generations of trailblazing women.

Fit In To Stand Out

It is important to measure on a regularly basis, because your size can change through the years due to changes in weight, illness, pregnancy and so on. True10 will ensure that you never have to suffer from the discomfort of wearing ill-fitting lingerie.

“We choose to work actively, individually and artfully work with women from the inside out and take the time to understand their personality, lifestyle, fabric and style preferences, unique bodies and fit challenges in order to cater to their intimate apparel needs. Wacoal Europe, our international experts who have been designing and manufacturing exceptional lingerie for women for the past 70 years then makes accessible to us their ranges of high quality, luxurious, size inclusive, well-priced, fashionable items that offer impeccable fit to leave women feeling comfortable, beautiful and most importantly in an empowered state of mind. Wacoal Europe are dedicated to designing and manufacturing stylish lingerie for women of all ages and sizes. They are leaders in the A-K cup, 28-48 back size intimate apparel market, offering a whole family of brands, each with their own personality and position in the market,” she says.

The BRAve Foundation

Thrusha explains that helping women is at the core of everything she sets out to do. “From moving away from standard trading hours and allowing clients to decide on appointment times, to conducting free fit consultations with or without a purchase, Thrusha is determined to change things around. In addition True10 has created The BRAve Foundation – a non-profit charity designed to support and uplift young girls by taking action to make a difference in their quality of life.

“We don’t take upliftment lightly which is why the establishment of The BRAve Foundation was so fitting. We needed to create a permanent path, making moves that mattered, to ensure that the positive change in one woman helped benefit another. The aim was never to create a typical business but rather to use my personal experience to create an avenue that helped women in South Africa. The BRAve Foundation was really a natural step for me. It is imperative that helping women lives at the heart of everything we do. This was our way of passing the baton of bravery and serving through sales,” said Thrusha.

True10 has committed to donate 5% of all profits plus 5% of all time spent with clients towards the upliftment of young women.

To schedule your free fitting appointment, visit www.true10.co.za, call 083 700 0122 or DM them on their Instagram page @true10_sa.