Oversize fashion is the trendsetter for style-conscious people. Women all over the world have awoken to this trend and have taken it to a different level. Melody Trend – the brain behind FRNTROW, is the perfect example of someone who has taken the trend and created her own. She is a trendsetter of note, fashionista, style pioneer and has elegantly pushed boundaries with the oversized trend.

Someone said; “When you’re going big with fit, go easy on colour. Neutral shades like grey, white and navy work best, while brighter tones will have you looking like a sleazy soul singer finishing up a bender in the local strip club.”

But Melody has gone big and bold in her styling and has pulled off the looks sophisticatedly. She has also managed to successfully combine clothing items that ordinarily wouldn’t work. However, you have to be a very brave and a fashion-conscious person to pull off most of her looks.

Here’s how she wears the oversized look