When it comes to nutrition, Oorah has your back. They have a range of protein bars and powders, made with only the best, natural stuff.

When you have a lot on your plate, with never-ending to-do lists, juggling kids and their busy schedules, having a healthy, balanced snack in between your hectic days can be a way to boost your energy level and stay healthy.

‘Health food’ is a minefield, full of misinformation and misleading claims. The founders of Oorah understood this, because they struggled to find brands they trusted with their most important asset: their life. So Oorah was born because sometimes, we all just need someone honest who can handle some of the tricky stuff for us.

Oorah’s mission is to create products with brag-worthy, quality ingredients (such as whey protein, collagen and superfoods), while remaining equally concerned about what they left out (such as refined sugar, gluten, antibiotics, hormones, flavourants, colourants, emulsifiers, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and chemicals).

As a bonus, Oorah products are naturally packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients which are not destroyed through excessive heating in manufacturing. What a win!

Oorah bars are the closest you can get to whole foods, in a form that fits into your bag and gets you through the day, with easy to understand the labels.

What’s in Oorah Bars and Balls?

Oorah protein bars and balls have only 5 wholefood-based ingredients, are refined sugar and gluten free, and contain a whopping 16g of protein.

They also contain your full daily 10g dose of collagen! Collagen gives you glowing, younger-looking skin, makes your hair shiny and nails strong, improves gut health and sleep, and strengthens your bones and joints. What more could you ask for?

Why does Oorah include protein in their products?

Most wholefood snack bars are low in protein (read: high carb, soon to be a sugar crash). Proteins are the ‘building blocks of life’ and are a part of every cell in your body, your bones, cartilage, skin and blood; they control most bodily functions, and are needed to make enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters and antibodies. Without enough protein, your body won’t function well at all!

Some of the perks of good protein are:

Assists with healthy weight management;

Curbs hunger;

Promotes a healthy metabolism;

Speedy exercise recovery;

Helps build lean muscle;

Reduced muscle loss;

Improved immune function;

Increased performance;

Healthy hormone function.

Oorah bars and balls currently come in 3 flavours: chocolatey CacaoPow (made from ground cacao beans and macadamia nuts), zesty LemonMade (made with organic lemon oil and delicious macadamia nuts), and nutty PeanutFix (loaded with collagen and peanut butter). They are best enjoyed ANY time: pre and/or post workout, broken up into your smoothie/oats bowl and go down well as a healthy dessert option.

Go to www.oorah.co.za for stockists and more information