LinaLucca started on a tower in Lucca, a small Tuscan town in Italy. This tower is known as “Torre di Guinigi”, which means the tower of oaks. As a solo traveller, you see and experience speechless places. However, many of these moments, you wish you could just for a second share with someone that cares (about you). And here on the tower, out-of-the-blue, a stranger asked about my story, shared the beautiful moment and carried on with her journey. That was a moment of hope and light –  a LinaLucca moment.

The heart behind the brand is to inspire women to confidently take on the world with their own talents and abilities, and to step out and make the change the world so desperately needs. The Italian words “Lina” means “bringer of hope” and “Lucca” means “bringer of light”. If you strive to be a bringer of hope and light, you need have the courage to step out and BE the change. The LinaLucca cork accessories adds to who you are and reminds you in the finer fonts to “carry your confidence”.

The LinaLucca brand encourages sustainability by providing an alternative for leather products.

Cork leather is produced by harvesting the cork bark of cork oak trees and then processing the cork in different ways. It is comforting to know that the cork oaks regenerate their bark and the bark becomes more beautiful with each consecutive harvest. Cork leather is as durable as animal leather and it also ages with grace. An advantage of cork leather is that it is waterproof.

The LinaLucca cork products include accessories such as handbags, laptop sleeves, phone covers and some beautiful clutches which will be available soon.If sustainable fashion, trendsetter, sophistication and timeless are some words that you would like to describe yourself with, then LinaLucca will definitely compliment your style.