Trend{ING} was born when two S.A. Based designers, Pen & Lex were searching for the stage, where they could display their lifestyle creations. 

Trend{ING} offers a gorgeous range of hip, stylish home decor, fashion, baby, accessories and gifting, creating settings for events and occasions, where a TREND will begin. 

Organic, natural, trendy, minimal and Scandi, this lifestyle brand was inspired by everyday living, entertaining and traveling.

The ideas and concepts are an inspiration for their clients. They love to share and give, as well as “gift”, when purchasing a product whether online or from their showroom. It’s all in the wrapping, the looks and feels as if you have gifted yourself.

On Instagram, Trend{ING} share different ideas and inspiration on how to use and enjoy their products under the hashtag creatingthetrends