Bandidas thigh bands are the new fashion accessory and a glamorous way to address one of the most common problems that women face – thigh chafing. The stretchy and delicate lace (or soft microfiber) bands with non-slip silicone, provide comfort and take your mind away from annoying chafing problem so you can feel sexy and chic at any time.

Bandidas turn an unpleasant problem into a pretty look, enhance confidence and well-being with one simple accessory and gives women a new way to wear dresses and skirts without experiencing painful thigh chafing. Bandidas pay homage to the organic form of the female leg because sometimes the most beautiful structure needs a little trim on the top! Designed to help women protect their inner thighs from chafing, the thigh bands have become the new must-have fashion accessory for all!

Bandidas believe that everybody should feel amazing in their own skin. For some women, thigh chafing makes it difficult to feel comfortable and confident every day. Whether you’re a busy mother, an active runner or a runway model – if you love your thighs, your thighs will love Bandidas.

How to measure your thighs

To ensure the perfect fit, ensure that you measure your thighs! Measuring is easy and only takes a minute. (Check the video on the Bandidas website  While standing, measure the widest part of your bare thigh using a tape measure. Bandidas strongly recommends that first-time buyers measure their thighs following the instructions, as the correct fit stops the bands from rolling or slipping.

The thigh bands retail for R325 a pair. Bandidas uses a door to door courier service to ship all over South Africa, and offer their loyal customers, FREE shipping for orders over R500!

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