They say: “Home is where the heart is”, and it is from this sentiment that Room Service, a homeware brand was born”.

Room Service is all about inspiring homeware. They have been in the homeware industry for a cumulative 36 years and have worked alongside many major South African retailers to supply customers with the bedding items and great quality you know today.

Room Service bedding products are manufactured locally, and their ranges are designed for customers who love the look of simple sophistication in their own home.

Their passion lies in homeware and extends beyond the products that they manufacture. This led them to search for other complementary products that enhance one’s home and add an element of simplistic style.

Their trips overseas are filled with much inspiration and fun, where they are able to find bespoke products that complement their bedding, making sure they are carefully selected with style and affordability at the top of their mind.

Their desire is to offer beautiful products that customers would be inspired to show off in their homes or to give as a gift.

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