Hues Collection is a South African brand that was started by two ambitious young ladies who were inspired by Rajasthan’s (India) archaic splendour, colourful landscapes and exquisite craftsmanship. The brand was envisioned to bring a signature trend to South Africa.

Their range of elegant and exclusive clutch bags are handcrafted using authentic techniques, with the finest quality and standards; and have been carefully selected to embrace any personality type. The bold and daring; the minimalist and chic; the fun and playful – Hues Collection caters for diverse South African women, providing overall versatility.

Part of their vision is for all women to showcase their authentic personalities through their versatile designs, hence their slogan, “AUTHENTICALLY HUE”. Hues Collection highly value exclusivity thus, their collection is limited to ONLY one/two unique designs. Every clutch is designed with a removable shoulder chain-link, transitioning the piece from a shoulder bag to a hand-held clutch.

A significant and complementary part of their product is the packaging. Hues Collection wanted opulence, sophistication and most of all, simplicity to shine through and communicate their brands’ qualities in just one look. Each clutch is handcrafted with the finest quality and it was imperative for Hues Collection to create a lasting product for their customers. Therefore, they created a luxurious storage box for each clutch, that would keep the clutch safe from damages when not in use, and perfectly complement any wardrobe or bedroom like a beautiful showpiece