Trends come and go, however, you never can beat classic fashion, and it’s arguably even more important to build a wardrobe that you’ll love for years, if not decades.

A classic fashion is a style that lasts for several seasons, sometimes even years, and is accepted by a wide range of people. For example, a double-breasted blazer is one of the classic fashion items that repeat themselves year after year.

As such, this year we’ve been seeing a lot of bright-coloured double-breasted blazers and it seems we’ll be seeing more this Spring/Summer season. Thankfully, Havva Closet have amazing double-breasted jackets this season. You can choose from their variety of bright colours.

We’re seeing a major resurgence of animal-print apparel, whether it be leopard, snakeskin, or even tiger patterns. The trend has slowly been gaining traction over the years and has now officially taken over the fashion world. This year, the snakeskin trend will continue to slither into your closet, like this pleated snakeskin dress from Havva Closet, that is a definite must-have in your closet.

With Spring/Summer fashion officially underway, there are plenty of new trends and styles to try now. But if you’re going to commit to one new look this season, make it the pantsuit. Havva Closet have ultra-feminine pantsuits with empowering working girl vibes.

More about Havva Closet

Havva Closet is an online clothing boutique, owned by Paula Msiza. Being an accredited Image Consultant, Paula ensures to handpick the most stylish, classic and quality items for their customers. They have a range of classic, vintage chic clothing items for all occasions. From polka-dot dresses to pantsuits.

Paula Msiza

“I grew up with a fascination for fashion design since the early primary. I would draw ball gowns in all my schoolbooks. Post matric, I made a calculated decision to study Metallurgical engineering and worked as a Mining professional for 13 years. Whilst still working in a 9-5 job in 2014, I was inspired to open an online boutique in partnership with my sister under the name Havva (Arabic name for Eve). All our merchandise is sourced in Europe as our offering is elegant and chic clothing for women on the move. Our brand is positioned to give a voice to women who want to match their style with a bold attitude towards work and life, a brand that partners with you to “go for it all. I’m looking to build a team in the next few years and ultimately, we see ourselves designing and manufacturing collections in-house, once we are confident that we can offer the best quality which will compete with international fashion brands,” says Paula.

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