Tea culture is defined by the way tea is made and consumed, by the way, the people interact with tea, and by the aesthetics surrounding tea drinking. For tea connoisseur, a beautiful teapot or tea set is an essential part of how tea is served. So, purchasing a classic teapot, tea set and accessories become part of the lifestyle for tea lovers.

Pot Head is a teapot and accessories brand that was developed through the love of teapots. Pot Head owner, Nikki says that while hunting for different teapots for their leisure, it was hard for them to find a one-stop affordable place to get teapots. This started the hunt for affordable fun and quirky teapots that speaks to fellow tea junkies.

“I personally love all the teapots but our cast iron teapots are our biggest sellers, I think the experience of having tea in one of these in a restaurant and then actually having the opportunity to own these beautiful teapots and use them for breakfasts, lunches and those moments in solitude at home is just magical. Big, small, solid or plastered with patterns we love teapots through our love of tea,” says Nikki.

“We stock cast iron teapots, tea sets, and teapots for one. These are a perfect gift for your mummy, aunt, granny, wife, and husband! Men love tea too! We ship nationwide and know that each person can find a perfect teapot or two that speaks to their heart. We believe that our brand is something different and unique and we pride ourselves in sourcing the most unique teapots and accessories that our customers love and appreciate,” she says.

“Teapots are not just another mug that you throw in the back of the cupboard, it’s there for you on your good bad days, it becomes a part of you. We are crazy about teapots and we are genuine Pot Heads,” she says.

Po Head is based in Johannesburg and they aspire to dominate the tea world with their amazing range of teapots and accessories one day.

Pot Head teapots and accessories are available to purchase via our Instagram, Facebook and via email (pothead.sa@gmail.com)