W8loss is the safe, natural, effective weight-loss solution which consists of 90 fat burning capsules and the recently launched Active8 50ml drops. The Activ8 cherry flavoured fat burning drops not only encourages clients to drink more water but is a liquid fat burning formula that acts as a standalone. 

In combination with the W8loss capsules, the Active8  has a powerful blend of ingredients that elevate metabolism, reduces appetite and cravings, increases energy, reduces water retention, detoxes, increases fat excretion and decreases carb absorption along with some other pretty cool benefits. 

W8loss is a proudly South African brand and consists of natural ingredients that have been selected for benefits that far exceed general weight loss, with clients reporting lower cholesterol and improved blood sugar levels as a positive side effect.

Lucy Frachet

Lucy Frachet, owner of W8loss tells us how she started the business. “W8loss was launched at the beginning of 2017. My philosophy was simple when it came to the formulation. It had to actually work, and it had to be safe. The idea for W8loss was created for three reasons. Firstly, I needed a change in career path after 10 successful years in the professional hair and beauty industry. Secondly, I wanted to lose weight after I had tried many products on the market without success, because of the bad side effects. Thirdly, I wanted to make a real difference for women like me who are busy, have families and struggle to find the time to feel motivated to take better care of themselves physically and mentally by using natural fat burning products with no side effects,” says Lucy.

“Not everyone is a gym freak but with a generally healthy lifestyle, good habits, exercise and corrective eating you can now not only lose the weight but keep it off. W8loss is not just about selling a product. It’s about building relationships, encouraging and motivating each other to live better and feel better,” she says.