Bitchin’ Tees is a female-owned online slogan T-shirt shop that was born out of the necessity to show other mothers that they are not alone in these terrific and sometimes tiring and terrifying moments of motherhood.

We understand that being a mom is like playing a never-ending game. You can choose your own adventure game. Your battle gear is made up of a collection of motherhood humour tees and a handbag full of tricks to keep your young one occupied when the adults are having a conversation.

Bitchin Tees aims to celebrate all the beautiful, quirky, and funny moments of being a mom but keeping it real by letting the t-shirts say what is on their minds.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in their online store, you have the option to upload your own design and to turn that into a t-shirt as well.

Although they mostly cater to mothers, Bitchin Tees have made bridesmaids shirts, gym shirts, dog mom shirts and plenty more.

Bitchin’ Tees is inspired by strong women. They want to give women the closest thing to wearing a superhero cape by allowing them to wear their words.

Bitchin Tees go for R229.00 per tee, excluding delivery, and they have tees that address the following:

  1. #Girlmom
  2. #Boymom
  3. #Momofboth
  4. #Dogmom
  5. #ActiveMom
  6. #Sarcasticmom
  7. #holidaytees i.e. Christmas, Easter, etc.
  8. #Coffeeislife
  9. #CareerTees
  10. #SleepTees
  11. #Specialoccasiontees – bridesmaids, family vacations etc.

Corné Nell is the founder of Bitchin’ Tees, a tax accountant by day, and a t-shirt superhero by night. Corné is married and a mom of three boys (1, 3 & 6), hence she perfectly understands the terrific and sometimes tiring and terrifying moments of motherhood.