‘It started with my mother’, says Wynne Bredenkamp, founder of fledgling womenswear brand, Not Going Quietly. ‘I grew up under boardroom tables, watching her run a business and looking seriously stylish while doing it. It’s because of my mom that I found a passion for fashion, branding and business. However, after seeing her struggle in her 60s to find well-made, modern clothing for her age and body type, I felt inspired to create a company that would celebrate not only my parent but all older women.’ And so this new Cape Townian brand was formed, with an eye on creating luxury contemporary garments with an ageless mindset.

Before you pass this feature on to your mother, however, Not Going Quietly has found a growing following amongst young professional women who want to look put together but trendy, as well as a large client base amongst modest-wear fashionistas. Perhaps it is unsurprising that this brand’s contemporary but gently conservative aesthetic would attract so many different types of women caught between what may seem a world of Kardashian tight tights and dour ‘granny’ clothes.

This ageless identity has done them well from conception as, though the brand is yet to reach its second birthday, NGQ (the acronym used as the company’s main logo) has released four capsule collections and is stocking stores in Johannesburg and Pretoria. But why not Cape Town? ‘We seem to have a Joburg sense of style,’ says Wynne, smiling. Indeed, the colours found in their latest collection are bold and eye-catching. One gets a sense when looking through this summer collection that each piece can be thrown on and styled with ease. This is not a coincidence: one of NGQ’s cornerstone aims is for each garment to give simple but stunning sophistication to the wearer with minimal effort. They achieve this by eliminating fussy finishes, creating an aesthetic that runs towards clean, simple lines and flowing shapes borrowed from Asian influences.

The eight pieces that make up their summer 2019/20 are in patterns and colours that reflect the latest trends but are in styles that can be worn over and over again for years to come. Displaying a light tailored jacket and matching wide-leg pants, Wynne comments ‘We’ve imagined what the modern working woman in South Africa might want to wear and how she might easily transition from her professional day into an evening with friends.’ Patterns in Liberty London cotton, dove grey and rust-red Tencels (the new ‘in’ eco fabric) and french chiffons in powdery blue, dusty charcoal and bright mustard are nipped, pleated and sewn into flattering cuts that look and feel like quality. It’s heartwarming to see this level of quality coming from South African creativity and manufacturing. ‘Designing and producing locally is incredibly important to me. Not only does it help build our economy but it provides us with an opportunity to create something that can make a difference.’

But where to from here? Wynne smiles again. ‘Up and up. We have lofty dreams as a company. It will take time and hard work but the feedback received by new and returning clients is really encouraging. In the meantime, Winter 2020 is around the corner and I can’t wait to share our new collection We really feel you’ll need to hide these pieces from your daughter…and most definitely your mother!’

Find their full collection at: notgoingquietly.co.za

Facebook: NotGoingQuietlySouthAfrica

Instagram: @not_going_quietly