Zinhle & Olivia is a South African fashion brand currently trading online selling dresses, blouses, skirts and accessories. Clothing is sourced abroad and locally and plans for in house manufacturing are in place for 2020.  

The business was founded in 2018 in Cape Town and first traded at N1 City Mall as AlberoGrande Boutique. The business was re-launched online as Zinhle & Olivia in 2019 with the aim to sell clothing for a variety of personalities under different brands. All business activities including quality control and shipment are done from Cape Town.

Zinhle & Olivia’s mission is to forge a new, vibrant, quality brand in the clothing retail sector that caters to all body shapes and sizes. Most of the clothing is made from stretching fabric to enable perfect fitting for different shapes and sizes and gives some room for bodyweight fluctuation. The size ranges are from small to 3XL on most items.

Zinhle & Olivia can be found on the web, Facebook and Instagram on the below links

Online: www.ZinhleOlivia.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZinhleandOlivia or @ZinhleandOlivia

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zinhleolivia_boutique/ or @zinhleolivia_boutique

Email: info@zinhleolivia.com

WhatsApp: +27823869592