As with most fashion items, a handbag can suggest quite a bit about the person who’s wearing it. For instance, carrying a luxury iconic bag brand may suggest that you have an expensive taste. Of course, an accessory can never explicitly tell the story of the person who holds it, but in the case of this season’s most prevalent trends, they do provide quite the conversation starter.

But the most current bag trends aren’t speaking exclusively to price or luxury. Instead their shape, use of materials, and size speak more to what women prioritise and which fashion rules no longer apply.

Mosekimang Motsoenyane

Black Koko Collection is an online bag collection store owned by Mosekimang Motsoenyane. They sell a variety of trendy, quality handbags. Included in their range, are overnight and laptop bags.

Their range of bags come in different shapes that suggest an appreciation for vintage, giving us fresh takes on versatile everyday bags and playful styles alike. Their bag collection delivers the distinction, but in a wearable sense, that translates to day-to-day dressing.

Black Koko Collection bags will brighten your wardrobe basics instantaneously.