Vanto is an ode to Italian culture and style. Italy’s trademark of effortless sophistication goes hand in hand with its long tradition of craftsmanship. The “Made in Italy” label is sought after the world over, with Italian craftsmanship totally unmatchable. A part of the world where artisans treat leather like silk. Glamour is simply part of the culture of Italians. Our mission is to bring you sophisticated design from the Cradle of Renaissance.

An intentional paradox, Vanto was born to offer its clients a taste of super cool bags and accessories, at a fraction of the cost. Inspired by all things Italian, Vanto is the antithesis of the current trend of Polyurethane (PU) & Faux Leather bags, championed by fast fashion. The products are produced in small factories throughout Italy in genuine Italian leather.

Following growth in their first year of trade, we have evolved our brand identity to further their mission, as a destination of premium Italian leather bags and accessories. The word “Vanto” in Italian means something that is a “source of pride” and this is the goal for every product sold at our store.