Lumi & Twist is a collaboration between two sisters Rabia Sayed Doola and Sameera Osmany-Seedat who came together for their love of fashion and created the clothing brand. It is an online clothing boutique which features global modest fashion for women and children. Their collection is inspired by their own individual styles. 

Lumi & Twist was not solely created for their love of design and fashion or to inspire others to be creative and express themselves through their clothing but also to inspire other women to take a chance, get out there and make a name for themselves. A percentage of their sales go towards a charity for the empowerment of young women in Africa. With this, they hope that the Lumi & Twist brand will not only benefit your wardrobe but also change lives for the years to come.


“Luminosity by R” is an online boutique spearheaded by Rabia Sayed Doola. She’s a wife, entrepreneur, somatologist, makeup artist, stylist, creative organiser, interior design enthusiasts, modest fashion and lifestyle blogger.

“I hope to inspire others to express their personality, passion and individuality through a plethora of distinct yet acceptable modest avenues and create a platform that propels women towards greater heights in an age where we are constantly tearing each other down.”

– Rabia

“Turban & Twist” is a brand created by Sameera Osmany-Seedat. She’s a mom, wife, entrepreneur, teacher, interior decorator and modest fashion enthusiast.

“My aim is to promote connectivity, originality, transparency and cooperation in a social space.”

– Sameera