This brand originated from the designer’s desire to simply be creative again, after years in a clinical field. The earrings are made out of polymer clay, a lightweight clay that won’t weigh down heavily on the ear. The designs are inspired by whatever comes to mind, from images in distant memories to colour combinations that are trendy at the moment.

A bespoke collection is released on a regularly and customers buy on a first come first basis. Each collection starts off as bigger art piece, which is then carefully cut up, and paired with other elements, to make smaller, unique little pieces of art. Even though the pieces are limited in numbers, when the customer buys a piece, they can truly feel like they are one of the only people in the world to own those earrings.

One of the first collections introduced to the public was called the Veldblommetjie collection, inspired by all the wonderful flowers that come up overnight in springtime, not planted there, but just consistently appearing, year after year. Each collection is made in different earring shapes and sizes, so every person should be able to find something that appeals to their taste.

The brand boasts a range of colours that can be worn by young and old alike. The designer has a particular affinity for the colour yellow, which you can see featured in many of the collections. The Peach Blossom Collection is no exception to this, as can be seen in the piece worn by the model in the picture below.

Future plans for the business include:

  • custom orders for special occasions, like weddings and graduations
  • bringing in a few more collections in neutral colours
  • Offering even smaller pieces, like stud packs, for those who don’t like dangling earrings.
  • Collaborating with other local designers

For more information visit their Instagram page @cle_earrings or email: