Volumicious is a hair product brand that provides a solution to different hair problems experienced by men, women and children. The brand was founded by Zoey Mkabela in 2016 after losing her hair during pregnancy. The products were inspired by her BSC Honours project which she did at the University of Stellenbosch which involved investigating a plant, that was eaten by pregnant sheep, resulting in the new-born lambs being born without fur.  She found that there was an active compound that was responsible for this problem. She won an award for the best poster presentation for her research project.

During her maternity leave, she began to research and investigate active compounds that are responsible, not for hair loss but hair growth. She found a significant amount of them and through a process of trial and error, she restored to use a different number of them and test them out to see their efficacy. Through a friend, she contacted a local cosmetic manufacturing company that mixed those active compounds and gave her the samples. She then tested the samples on her own hair for a period of a year and the results were remarkable.

After she was unsuccessful in a position she had applied for at work, she then decided to launch the hair products in July 2017 on social media and people were interested and since then has been warmly welcomed by users all over the country. The brand has grown since its inception as the products provide good results. She opted to sell the products through distribution, providing an avenue to empower men and women around the country. 

She started selling the products from the boot of her car at shopping malls after hours whilst running a full-time demanding job as a sales representative for a global company. The business grew and the distribution interest grew which resulted in her leaving her corporate job in November 2019 to focus fully on the business so she could serve her distributors and customers with a greater level of excellence.

“We don’t just sell products, but we are committed to educating women, men, and children on proper hair care and we encourage them to start their hair journey,” says Zoey.