Mooi-Papillon is not only an online boutique store but a beauty experience ready to cater to all your beauty needs. It was established in 2019 by two phenomenal women who share the same passion for fashion, beauty, and textiles. They had a desire to help women create an impactful image in every room they enter into. Whether it’s in a boardroom or social event, your name will be on the lips of everyone in the room.  Mooi Papillon’s sole ambition is to embrace beauty and elegance in each and every woman.

Shopping at Mooi-Papillon store will give you an experience of a lifetime. You won’t only be shopping for clothes, but you’ll be empowered to stand out from the crowd. Mooi-Papillon brings you high-end fashion with great quality and styles right at your doorstep. Don’t just shop or put on clothes, but on every occasion constantly aim to create an impactful image.

  • Mooi-Papillon is a name derived from an image of a woman;
  • Mooi- is an Afrikaans word which means beauty;
  • Papillon is a French word which means butterfly;
  • Therefore Mooi-Papillon is translated to a beautiful butterfly.

As you transform into a queen and become the best version of yourself, Mooi-Papillon is here to help you style your wings so you can soar higher. Just as at the butterfly cannot be missed because of the beautiful pattern and colour of its wings. You too will remain unmissable and unforgettable!