Earthly Q is a haircare range made from naturally derived ingredients. The haircare range is intended for natural hair that is in the 3a to 4c curl pattern spectrum. The product was created by natural hair advocates who were frustrated with the lack of affordable and comprehensive hair care products that are naturally and ethically derived. Earthly Q Hair Care currently offers three products as a unit or single product. These products include the Earthly Q Scalp Rinse, Earthly Q Moisturiser, and the Earthly Q Hair Food.

The Scalp Rinse is apple cider vinegar-based (ACV) and infused with peppermint lemon and lavender essential oils. ACV, peppermint and lemon essential oils have antibacterial effects and cleanse the scalp without stripping the hair strands of its natural oils. The scalp rinse cleanses the scalp and introduces conditioning oils (lavender essential oil and argan oil) during cleansing while helping balance your scalp’s natural slightly acidic pH of between 4.5 and 5.5. The scalp rinse doesn’t foam and is also great for people with dreadlocks!

The Earthly Q Moisturiser is infused with lavender essential oil, tea-tree essential oil, and other conditioning seed and vegetable oils. The Earthly Q Hair Moisturiser softens your strands for ease of handling by improving slippage between strands which also helps reduce the strand breakage. The moisturiser is intended for ease of handling hair and growth retention. It has moisturising and conditioning effects from a blend of seed oils, olive oil, essential oils, water and a cationic surfactant that is used to dispense the oil in the water and introduce slippage between the hair strands.

The Hair Food is made with oils that promote hair growth, growth retention and strengthen the hair strand. The Earthly Q Hair Food is raw beeswax and shea butter based with a blend of seed and vegetable oils, lavender essential oil and argan oil and other essential oils that help improve the health of your hair. The hair food can help condition roots of hair during pre-pooing. It can be used as a pre-pooing oil for your hair, as a hair moisture sealant, or as a conditioning oil for your hair.