DermoProf Skincare is an innovative South African facial skincare brand formulated by a pharmacist. It is a brand that retails for homecare maintenance of targeted skin challenges. It aims to maintain healthy looking skin and in doing so, alleviates problems that arise in skin.

Each product has been designed carefully and with precision with the goal of achieving desired results for specific targeted skin conditions over time. The ingredients used, are combined in a unique way to deliver results and there are no toxic ingredients. The main ingredients have been tested for efficacy and toxicity at the University of Pretoria. Results were proven to be highly effective with no toxic effects. The products comply with EU standards that regulate cosmetic category skincare.

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DermoProf’s signature approach is that it eliminates the need for toners, exfoliators, masks, and unnecessary products that do not necessarily add value and in fact become a burden especially when compliance is key.  There is no need for separate night creams and day creams. If a product range is wide with many steps in a regimen, the whole system becomes unsustainable both practically and financially. In today’s busy and economically constrained times, consumers want quick and cost-effective regimens that fulfill the complete needs of their skin. Each range offers a long term management system and therefore, there is no limitation as to how long each range can be used. In fact, it is better to use it forever, as the results are accumulative over time and the products have the amazing ability to manage skin so that there are no imbalances.

Sunscreens are advised to be used after applying these products, allowing 5mins before sunscreen application. You will find none of the creams have a built-in SPF, as the SPF profile of ingredients can impede the penetration of important active ingredients found in DermoProf products.

It is important to note that although each targeted skincare range has its specific effects, they do also have additional overlapping effects, for example, the acne range not only eliminates breakouts but also deal with marks that consumers so often feel stressed about. Because hyperpigmentation is mostly found in ages 30+, the products are loaded with all the good ingredients including antioxidants and vitamins that assist ageing skin. The brand has been around since 2015 and not been marketed until the end of 2018. Every detail of the products has been refined since then.

Endorsements and Certification:

The products have been dermatologically tested.

All actives have undergone invitro testing.

The products are certified “Proudly South African”

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