Vana Naturals is a clean beauty haircare brand that has partnered with nature to design high-performance organic hair care products for natural afro-textured coily, curly hair types.

Founded by Stephanie Kituri, a Kenyan-born clean beauty entrepreneur who needed to find a nourishing natural and organic alternative to care for her daughter’s natural curls. At first, this led to the creation of their signature product, a luxurious, ultra-nourishing, delicious-smelling, triple-whipped shea and mango butter multi-purpose moisturizer, #MustBeThatEverythingButter.

Vana Naturals was established in 2018 with the vision of a commitment to natural, clean living. The Founder’s Kenyan farm-style upbringing nurtured a unique appreciation for the amazing benefits of living a life in partnership with, and, conscious of, one’s natural environment.

Working in close partnership with an organic cosmetic formulator, she envisioned the brand new #VanaMakeMeCollection, a beautifully and consciously designed hair care system that would provide a healthier alternative to nurturing and nourishing natural hair. All this, without compromising on the premium quality and luxury of each product.

After ten months of testing, formulating, re-testing and re-formulating they created products that meet organic certification standards. Vana Naturals’ products are effective in nourishing, hydrating, and restoring the health of natural hair. Each ingredient has been deliberately curated with the purpose of promoting a healthy scalp & the growth of healthy hair while ensuring that all products are 100% safe for the entire family.