Charlie The Label was founded by two sisters, who lived together for a while and loved to play dress up. They were always in each other’s closets trying out new styles! Having a sister means having two closets to choose from, how great is that?

One of the founding sisters has a very boho-chic fashion sense whereas the other sister is very modest and conservative given her new religion. She is promoting that we can still be fashionable whilst dressing modestly and that modesty has no culture, age or religion, anyone can wear it! Their love for fabric never ends! 

Charlie was their late father’s name, and by his very nature was an entrepreneur. He always had a flair for design, whether it be, building or landscaping. He always took pride in his work and the sisters hope to do the same with their brand.

Charlie The Label products are locally sourced and manufactured and are limited to the quantity made in each design. Supporting local manufacture is a big part of the brand and they encourage the upliftment of their local community. Charlie The Brand has teamed up with Project Dignity whereby a percentage of their profits will be donated to their eco-friendly sanitary wear that is distributed to young females across the country.