Jacqueline Reis, founder of Inspiritus Designs showcases her love for different cultures through her jewellery pieces. Born in Jozi and blessed with a strong Mozambican father and a beautiful South African Mother (who was born in Zambia).  She grew up in Transkei and has been in love with the richness of the African continent and its diverse cultures since she was a young girl. 

“I love the textures and colours of African prints, each of which tells a story. They are vibrant and unapologetic, proud, and stylish!  I have always been hands-on, more of a tomboy than a girlie girl and so, my love for working with mixed materials began. Creating something out of what was once discarded, handcrafted, wearable art, inspired by natural forms and beauty of the outdoors.  I up-cycled leather, suede, and imperfect gemstones, to create unique accessories that can be loved for years to come,” says Jacqueline

chosen due to their imperfections as we believe this is what makes them special.  Our hardware is sterling silver, stainless steel, rose gold plated or copper.  As our products are handmade, no two pieces will be exactly the same and this is especially true for our custom pieces.  We love collaborating with our customers as we know that the right accessory can change your mood just as much as it can change your outfit, and it becomes as unique as the individual who wears it!” she says.