Say goodbye to acne, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, dark spots, dry skin and bring out your inner glow with Pink Liquorice’s amazing range of skincare products.

Pink Liquorice Face Serum which has 3 core ingredients that when combined have a skin brightening effect which will leave you with an even skin complexion, radiant, glowing, and beautiful skin in a matter of days.

Here is the science behind how Pink Liquorice Face Serum works:

  • An amino acid in your body called tyrosine supports the production of melanin.
  • Melanin is a pigment in the body that gives the skin its colour and causes hyper-pigmentation.
  • However Pink Liquorice has 3 Core Ingredients (Liquorice Root, Kojic Acid and Glutathione) that when combined effectively block tyrosine from forming, hence preventing melanin production.

Pink Liquorice  products are available at affordable prices

1. Pink liquorice deep cleanser facial wash- R55

2. Pink Liquorice Purifying Toner – R55

3. Pink Liquorice Exfoliator – R55

4. Pink Liquorice Even skin tone day cream with spf25 – R55

5. Pink Liquorice Even Skin tone night cream – R55

What are the benefits?

There is a long list: scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, under eye bags, uneven skin tone; ranging from short, to long term. In the short term it makes skin look plumper and more radiant from superficial swelling and inflammation. In the long term with repetitive use, it helps increase production of collagen and elastin. A prolonged course of microneedling can improve scarring (from acne or surgery), decrease depth of fine lines and wrinkles, treat stretch marks, and markedly improve skin texture.’ Dermarolling can also help increase the efficacy of your skincare products, allowing you to see speedier results. ‘When used in conjunction with topical skincare, it can help improve the absorption of active ingredients. This is particularly beneficial for people suffering from pigmentation.

Does it hurt?

No and it is not supposed to so use less pressure if you’re experiencing pain. At most you might feel some slight discomfort but it’s more of a strange sensation than anything else

Are there any side effects?

There’s a bit of downtime so always use it at night, just before you go to bed, as your face will go red and your skin will need to heal. However, there is not any bruising or bleeding and come morning your skin will have returned to its normal colour

Steps to Achieve Glass like skin using the Pink Liquorice system:

– Double Cleanse using the Pink Liquorice Deep Cleanser Facial Wash

– Exfoliate using the Pink Liquorice Facial Exfoliator

– Tone using the Pink Liquorice Purifying Toner

-Apply the Pink Liquorice Advanced Extra tone serum

-Apply the Pink Liquorice Advanced Brightening Solution Serum (life changing serum!!)

-Moisturize using the Pink Liquorice Even Skin tone cream

Great skin goes beyond cult products or buzzworthy trends: it requires consistency and commitment to your skincare regimen.

Brightening, firming, and anti- aging, our Advance Brightening Solution Serum does it all. Our answer to the brightening craze is this highly potent serum that helps to support collagen and fights sun damage. We love that it is formulated without any unwanted minerals or heavy metals, so you can feel good about using it every day for maximum effect.

The combination of our 3 core ingredients Liquorice Root extract, Kojic Acid and Glutathione is a powerhouse for skin. Ideal for dark spots, discoloration, acne, hyperpigmentation, and the list goes on. A serum that lightens, brightens, and tightens. Formulated with the highest quality natural ingredients, our skincare essentials are clean, cruelty free and free of parabens, dermatologist tested.