Noxolo Mseleku is a young black female jewellery designer known for her unique customised creations. The love she has for jewellery and its history is immaculate and this is why she has created Elegânté, a brand that expresses this nature.

Living in Europe for two years awoke a passion, love, and eagerness to express stories through jewellery pieces, each and every piece she designs and manufactures tells a story.

Noxolo Mseleku

“To me jewellery is like a dream that travels within the portals of radiant insurgency, where imagination is limitless and possibilities are infinite,” says Noxolo.


  • Design and manufacture branded jewellery and non-branded this gives us the opportunity to manufacture for other jewellery businesses
  • Design and manufacture customised jewellery
  • Repairing jewellery
  • Gold plating
  • Corporate gifts