Baked & Brewed is an inspired home-based Boulangerie that creates Artisan bread and authentic Karak Chai. Their inspiration is drawn from Karak houses in Dubai and their intoxicating aroma of famous buns. They pride themselves in choosing fresh, quality, whole ingredients that come through in the taste of their products. Each item is made by the owner – Julie Noormahomed, ensuring consistency and perfection.

About Julie Noormahomed

She is a Culinary Chef by profession. “My kitchen is my absolute happy place. It is a place where I can be creative and think out of the box and also, a place where I can give joy to my family, seeing them indulge in my food. I’ve always loved trying out new cuisines, restaurant menus, and re-creating them in my kitchen. But, my love for bread has been constant. The scent of warm bread straight out of the oven, slathered with a dollop of butter and to pull it all together, a freshly brewed, hot piping cup of tea, this to me is the perfect start to my day and a love-making process in my kitchen. My passion for food goes beyond just in eating it, it gives me a daily purpose and a feeling of accomplishment. At Baked & Brewed, this same passion and pride go into our products and I hope that when you’re sitting in your favourite spot and taking a bite of that warm bread and sipping your Karak, you are thinking of us!”