The Matchy Matchy Collection is a passion project of Liezl Craig-Swart. She relates how the brand came about.               

‘Matchy Matchy’ is a saying my sister and I concocted to describe our habit of compulsively pairing the outfit we are wearing with the same colour accessory. Everything has to match: gold earrings with a golden bracelet; not rose gold. A pink scarf with the darker shade of pink sweater. If you do not have a jacket to go with the dress you are wearing, you would rather go cold than throw a mismatch over your shoulders.

My mother and the 80’s are to blame for our fixation. You know, the years when women used to dye their handbags and shoes to match their shoulder-padded dresses. My mom’s obsession started with matching home-sewn dresses for herself and my older sister and evolved into turning my sister and I into twins despite the four-year age gap. From there it escalated to colour-coding jewellery to each home-made outfit.

And that, my friends, is how our mom became one of the pioneers for polymer clay jewellery. No, it was not the boho hippy chicks that came up with the idea. Polymer clay has been around for ages, and my mom used it to create clip-on earrings with matching bulky beaded necklaces in 1985.

The Matchy Matchy Collection aims to carry that legacy forward. We started this passion project in July 2019 and since then started a sister branch in Malta when my sister moved there in November.

Polymer clay is pigmented and sculpted into a design which is then baked to cure them. The material is extremely lightweight and can withstand being dropped. Saying that they should still be handled with care. I create one-of-kind handcrafted earrings from this material and only repeat a design on request. Since it is handmade, no design will ever look like another. I create small ranges in a colour scheme or pattern, and each pair is usually in a different design. Taking into consideration that this brand was born out of a love of perfectly coordinated outfits, I love creating custom designs on request. So, if you have a special outfit and can’t find the perfect accessory, you know who to contact.