Amos is a high-end designer label established in Cape Town, South Africa. They specialize in uniquely crafted Prêt-a-Porter garments, bespoke couture as well as bridal garments. Amos embodies superior craftsmanship and fashion-forward designs – always pushing boundaries.

Amos is a fast-growing fashion brand with a unique sense of design and a passion for beauty and elegance. All garments are exclusively styled. Evening and bridal wear are made to order only. Haute Couture is a special form of art and design and needs to be approached with great care and dedication, therefore, Amos ensures that the client’s couture gown becomes a precious item for their special day or their wardrobe.

Hugo Amos

Hugo Amos is the designer and creative force behind the Amos brand. His passion is making women feel glamorous and elegant from the boardroom to the ballroom. Great care and effort go into each and every one of his creations, from sourcing the perfect fabric, all the way to the crafting, packaging, and delivery of the special item.

Amos longs to empower their clients with a sense of grace and sophistication. They produce seasonal collections, drawing inspiration from various sources, always anticipating their clients’ style.

Their main focus each season is to enhance the individual beauty and style of all types of women yet giving them the freedom to make an Amos piece their own.

Photographer: Starqphotography