Chudu cosmetics is an organic skincare brand manufacturer that was established in 2018 by Tshudu Takalani. Their products include soaps, toners, and anti-aging serums. These products have been specifically formulated to treat skin issues such as acne, acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, etc. Their products are made with ingredients sourced in South Africa.

Tshudu is a Biotechnologist by profession and has previously worked in the quality department of two major companies; she also took a few courses in skincare and cosmetic formulation at large. She started the business shortly after experiencing skin problems when she moved to Cape Town. “I always had flawless skin, but after moving to Cape Town, the reality of how the environment affects our skin began to manifest on my skin. After moving to Cape Town, my skin began to itch and would develop pimples that left dark marks behind. That affected my confidence a lot! I then decided to put my chemistry and microbiology knowledge into use and developed my own skincare products. I also decided to take a few courses in relation to skincare and cosmetic products in order to deepen my knowledge in this regard. I started by using the products on my own skin first before taking them out to the people and since then I have not stopped using them. My skin has since recovered, I currently live in Cape Town and no longer face the skin issues that I faced when I moved here and my confidence has been restored,” she says.

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