As the founder of Dr Anjana Bhana Aesthetics and Dental, Dr Anjana Bhana has been a thought leader in the medical and aesthetic industry for almost a decade.

With an inherent passion for aesthetic excellence, Dr Anjana Bhana is locally and globally renowned as one of the most recognized and respected aesthetic and medical professionals in SA. Her passion for her profession and her patient-centric approach sees her educating and making informed choices for their skin, beauty, and aesthetic needs. Dr Bhana prides herself on ensuring that each and every one of her patients receive the very best in carefully tailored treatments, specific to their needs.

As a mother to two young children, a wife, a Dental Practitioner for the State, and an Aesthetic Doctor, Dr Anjana Bhana manages to balance all her roles while continuing to break the glass ceiling with her work.

She has served as a trainer, a speaker, a thought leader as well as hosted numerous webinars and is as a member of the provincial health steering committee for her clinic on Hygiene protocols and implementing guidelines during the global COVID19 pandemic.

Dr Anjana Bhana is well respected as one of the country’s leading Aesthetic Professionals by her peers and industry professionals.

Her pursuit of aesthetic excellence and a continuous path for professional development means she is continually working to improve her craft. “Aesthetic Medicine is my passion and I take every opportunity to study and grow my skills.”

Dr Bhana has completed the only South African registered postgraduate course in Aesthetic Medicine -the Advanced Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine with Distinction/Cum Laude. As one of the leading aesthetic practitioners in South Africa, she is a qualified Doctor of Dental Science and Aesthetic Medicine, having attained her BDS from the University of Witwatersrand.

Her additional qualifications include a course on Maxillofacial orthopaedics and orthodontics, the ACLS – Advanced Cardiac Life Support in 2016 and the Practical Project Management in 2010 through the UNISA school of business.

She is a sought-after national and international speaker. is the current lead trainer on Plate-let Rich Fibrin in South Africa and was also hand-picked for a Hyalual Masterclass with Swiss expert Dr Viktor Shavlak and has lectured and demonstrated to dentists on Hyalual Xela Rederm.

Her Aesthetic treatment offering includes:

  • Platelet0Rich Fibrin & Plasma (PRP & PRF)
  • Chemical Peels
  • Botox & Fillers
  • Jett Plasma
  • Redermalisation
  • LED Light Therapy
  • Skinboosters
  • Microneedling
  • Teeth Whitening
  • IV Drips
  • NCTF Hair Rejuvenation
  • Skincare

Her commitment to ensuring her patients feel and look like themselves is what holds her in such repute with all she treats. “In today’s world it is easy to get wrapped up in what we call Snapchat Dysmorphia or Instagram Face, these are unrealistic expectations of facial features, which are modified using various apps and filters. My approach is to ensure that each and every one of my patients’ treatments are enhanced to suit their unique profiles,” says Dr Bhana.

“More often than not, what may work on a celebrity or influencer may not necessarily work on your face proportion, profile, or shape. When I do a lip filler, for example, your unique profile is taken into account and your lip filler is advised and treated accordingly. Sometimes going bigger isn’t always better. I usually recommend starting subtle if you are unsure and increase as time goes on, based on your personality, proportion, and preference. You still want to look like yourself, with a cuter pout. Voluptuous isn’t for everyone, do you Always!” adds Dr Bhana.

Please note that Dr Anjana Bhana Aesthetics has strict pre-screening protocols and safety measures in place for your well-being. Dr Anjana Bhana Aesthetics offers virtual consultations, this is an easy way to chat mask-off in the comfort and safety of your own home. The consultation includes a bespoke treatment plan that helps Dr Bhana identify the best possible treatment and skincare plan for you.

Book your consultation on 083 978 5888, 087 149 0914. Find us at 25 Hennie Alberts Street, Alberton, Johannesburg. Follow @Dr_Anjana_ Bhana on Instagram and Dr. Anjana Bhana Aesthetics and Dental on Facebook.