Crowned Flair is a newly launched clothing brand by Thandi KaNkosi. Their clothing range includes various day-to-day looks that ooze elegance, authenticity, and flair. Crowned Flair aims to produce unique designs by adding a touch of royalty in their everyday wear. This is apparent in the brand’s quality fabrics which is a reflection of who they are. They make comfortable quality wear that is suitable for work, lunch dates, and meetings.

Royal philosophy runs through their collections like a golden thread. With Crowned Flair, you can be assured of high-quality women’s fashion in feminine cuts, perfect for fashionistas and businesswomen who go through life in a trend-conscious manner.

Crowned Flair’s collections are characterised by high quality and promise a contemporary and trend-conscious style, which is expressive and authentic at the same time. They pay attention to high-quality materials and workmanship to ensure that their fashion items offer superior comfort and the perfect fit.

Thandi KaNkosi

The brand offers a wide range of products that cater to the needs of clients that are looking to experience luxury and comfort, in every area of their lives. The customer is the heart of their unique business model, which includes design, manufacturing, distribution, and sales.

Crowned Flair’s mission is to make luxury a lifestyle, rather than a once-off experience through garments. They envision being a proudly South African brand that offers locally manufactured products that are of good quality and are affordable.

Whether it’s expressive and playful or elegant and serious, you can refresh your look with Crowned Flair. Browse their Instagram to get inspiration from their styles and outfits.